Who is Lash-Eyed Beauty?

When I was in my embarrassing tween years, you could have definitely called me a heavy user. A heavy user of makeup, that is. My adolescent years of wearing makeup could be described as, “what was I thinking?” I would pile on mascara to get what I thought was a fluttery-eyed lash look, only to actually end up looking like I had hairy spider legs on my eyes. I would also pluck at those baby hairs on my hairline to try to make it look even, and instead gave myself what I like to call a “premature” receding hairline–I’m talking Mr. Hall from Clueless hairline.

Currently being a 25-year old girl (I say girl cause I’m still trying to hold on to what’s left of my youth), I wish I had a little guidance in the makeup department. Β When I would go down the makeup aisles of Target with my friends, it would’ve been REALLY HELPFUL to have someone stop me from buying that roll-on fuschia pink eyeshadow and body glitter (thanks Britney and Christina) instead of having my friends tell me that fuschia pink was, “definitely my color.” Pro tip: neither eyeshadow or glitter belong in roll-on form! But hey, that’s what our awkward years are for right?

Fast forward to now– me in the middle of my quarter-life crisis scrolling through #inspo posts on tumblr wishing I could actually do what those inspiration posts are telling me to do– to do something I love! And today I decided to take the plunge and work on something I truly love and that’s beauty!

While playing dress up and wearing bright pink eyeshadow was really fun (and still is after a few drinks), it’s nice to look in the mirror and recognize the adult beauty-loving girl I am. So whether it’s beauty reviews, tips, or tricks, I hope to help you boost your beauty potential with my blog while giving you a couple humorous insights along the way. Since we all have to start somewhere, I hope you can start your beauty quest here! Please feel free to request posts, like, and comment! The more feedback the better!




11 thoughts on “Who is Lash-Eyed Beauty?

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