Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario | Swatches + Giveaway!

Long time no talk, am I right?

I’ll do a life update post soon, but let’s just get right down to bidness.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario –a mouthful, but it’s worth it.

I ordered this palette (and another one) they day it came out and I got it a few days later (#perksoflivinginCA) and let me tell you, I was SO amped on getting this palette. As soon as I saw Mario swatching it (on Kim’s snap?) I was like, I NEEEEED. (this palette is sold out everywhere, but don’t worry I got you)

This palette has a great combination of warm and cool tones, and it’s pretty much the most convenient palette since it has the perfect everyday/every night shades.

After the swatches, but still so pretty!
Okay, so you guys already know I HATE swatching cause it’s like, all this beautiful shadow is going to waste on my arm when it could be going on my lids instead!

Top row L-R: Hollywood, NYC, Kim, Muse, Marina, Claudia


Bottom row L-R: Lula, Isabel, Violeta, 5th Ave, Bronx, Paris


I am obsessed, need I show more? The colors are very vibrant and pigmented and are so smooth and easy to apply! I’ve used this so many times already and I really like using Claudia on my lower lash line for a pop of color to help bring out the brown in my eyes!

You need this palette in your life!

Which is why I bring you to: THE GIVEAWAY!

Okay, so I originally bought this to celebrate the anniversary of my first giveaway/blog, but that time has waaaay passed, so let’s just say this is a holiday giveaway.

Here’s the breakdown, aka rules, to win this palette:

  1. You must be following me (duh!) via WordPress and/or email! (if you follow both ways that will give you an additional entry)
  2. Follow me on Instagram! @lasheyedbeauty
  3. Leave a comment here or on my instagram pic! (it’s of these swatches, just say like “enter me in the giveaway please” or something like that!)
  4. You can reblog on wordpress/repost on insta up to 5 times for an additional entry if you want, not required!

***Please read*** If you are an email follower, please let me know in the comments! It’s hard for me to figure out who (for example and I’m making up this email) is when they leave a comment as Stacy! So please let me know so you get your fair chance at winning! Thanks ❤️

***If you can’t find the follow via email button (if you’re on a mobile phone) scroll to the bottom of this post past all the comments, past where you leave a comment, like literally scroll till you can’t scroll anymore and you will see something that says “Enter your email to get the lastest updates etc from my blog with a spot to put your email in! Then check your email for a confirmation and leave a comment!❤️

THAT’S IT! This giveaway is open to US and international entries and will end December 26th!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and sticking with me through my first year of blogging!! I appreciate the support so much! Best of luck to everyone and happy holidays! Don’t forget to tag your friends on insta so they can have a chance to win too!!



48 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario | Swatches + Giveaway!

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  3. Rach762

    Thank you so much for this!!❤️ I’ve been looking for this palette everywhere! I follow your blog ( and also your insta (rach762) 💕

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