Glow Recipe Modeling Rubber Mask | Review + Demo!

“I ain’t got no type, face masks are the only thing that I like” – Rae Sremmurd/Lash-Eyed Beauty

I don’t even think you guys can really begin to comprehend my obsession with masks lately. I have been upping my skincare game and have been so into trying new brands and products that I’ve completely dropped off the face of the makeup world.

Like, I’ve been seeing videos on insta where girls are putting false eyelashes underneath their real lashes?! Like, when the heck did this become a thing? I haven’t even purchased new makeup in probably like, two months. I’m not even kidding. Like, I know I exaggerate a little, but this time I’m not. Unfortunately, this makeup no-buy still causes a dent in my wallet cause I’m on a skincare yes-buy-everything-i-can-buy. I already have two more separate orders from Glow Recipe coming to my house AND I just placed an order with Glossier. THE ADDICTION IS REAL, GURL.

So I stumbled across Glow Recipe on instagram and I had already of rubber masks popping up everywhere in the K-beauty world so I thought, why not grab maybe one, or two, or idk FIVE masks?

I purchased a set of 3 masks (you don’t get to pick which type) and then I purchased two gold masks because well, I love gold. gold-glow

Now if you guys don’t know what rubber masks/modeling masks are, let me break it down for you:

Modeling masks are essentially a thick layer of rubber that fully conforms to the shape of your face, which allows nutrients to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. Unlike a sheet mask where once exposed to air it starts to lose some of the hydration within the mask (the goopy liquid). So, I decided to try this out cause a rubber mask on your face seemed pretty cool. Spoiler alert: it is.

I got gold because it said there was gold in the mask that helps with inflammation and “calms irritated skin to rejuvenate an exhausted, depleted complexion with a deep dose of hydration.”

Here is what it looks like. A whole container of boring, right?


WRONG. You actually can’t see it, but there were glitter gold speckles in the powder. It was so pretty I couldn’t stop looking at it. Is it real gold? Eh, probs not. But either way it was really cool to look at.


So the directions say to mix this powder with water and then stir and put on yo face. (Surprise! I can read Korean.)

And as you guys can see, it looks like legit pancake batter. It was surprising really cool to the touch and it felt really cooling on my skin. (No I can’t read Korean, there’s instructions in English on the side)

TBH, putting this mask on was the most entertaining thing ever. I was laughing so hard during the application process cause it’s just a hot mess.



What’s the first thing you think of when you see these pics? If you said Mrs. Doubtfire, then we should be best friends cause great minds think alike, haha.


I waited about 20 minutes and my mask dried  (not really it just felt like a thick glue paste thing idk how to describe it you gotta try it to see what I mean) into rubber and I started to peel it off.

The whole time I was wearing this my face felt so cool and refreshed
Now I will say mine did not come off in one piece, I will say that this legit felt like rubber and it was pretty hard to get the residue off especially cause I got it in my eyebrows. It’s such a goopy application, it’s hard to not get it everywhere!

But once I thoroughly washed my face, my skin felt so soft and cool!


My face felt cold and refreshed, like it felt hydrated but I didn’t feel any type of moisture on top of my skin. It was like my face had actually absorbed all the nutrients from the mask. I couldn’t stop touching my face, it just felt really cool, bouncy, and glowing!

I really enjoy using these masks. I was super skeptical at first and it was really messy – bu above all, they are relatively inexpensive; which is great! It’s $15 for 3 masks – you don’t get to pick which ones you get, they have different kinds such as charcoal, collagen, vitamin etc etc. If you;d rather choose which one you want, each individual mask is $6!! And when you are concocting your mask, there’s so much left over that you could even share it with someone. Like, I think these would be great for a fun girls night and one container can easily cover two faces; plus it’s really entertaining. (I had to throw mine out cause I have no friends to share it with)

You guys can check out these masks here! They also have a referral program to give $5 towards your purchase so here is mine ๐Ÿ™‚ (this isn’t sponsored or anything, literally anyone can refer other people)

I really think these masks are fun and let me know your thoughts/comments! I had never heard of Glow Recipe before (they were on Shark Tank) and I really enjoy their products so far. I’m stoked to get my other items in!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Thank you so much for stopping by! Please be sure to like, follow, and comment if you enjoyed!


P.S. Halloween is coming…


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    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      I’m super into skincare now but I’m probably gonna ask for a bunch of makeup for xmas cause I do miss it! And yes the mask makes me look like the guy from Man in the Iron Mask a little but it’s so cool, you should try it! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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