Maybelline Better Skin Makeup | Review + Demo

I think foundations are becoming my new favorite thing to review.

Wait, who am I kidding? Mascara is my is my favorite thing to review but second would definitely be foundation, but this isn’t a foundation review, this is a review on the whole Better Skin line!

I decided to pick up the new Better Skin line from Maybelline a couple weeks ago on a whim after seeing it displayed at my local Target.

Maybelline 2
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This whole Better Skin line claims to improve the dullness of skin, help with dark spots, and create brighter and stress-free skin. It even says it will improve your skin after 3 weeks! Like, hello? Sign me up!

Maybelline Skin
Taken from
This foundation has 16 shades in total and I gotta be honest with you, it was a little difficult trying to find my perfect shade. For foundations, I’m almost always a classic/nude beige so I picked up the shade 45 and man, I was waaaaay off. It was so dark on me I looked like I put spray tan all over my face and then forgot to wash it off.(I switched the 45 for a 30)

Because of my original decision to purchase the shade 45, I bought the shade 50 for the face powder cause it looked really light, and yeah as you guessed it’s too dark but I lost the sponge so I can’t return it :(, but I make it work. I bought the concealer in the shade Medium and that’s perfect for my skin tone. So word of caution, if you go to Target, get matched by the makeup girls that work there, I usually avoid them but in this case I should’ve asked for help!

Let’s get on to the good part: The pics.

Of course I gotta put the no-makeup pic first:


And believe it or not, I have the foundation on at this point! You can’t even tell!


The foundation is really lightweight and is full coverage, which I love. I can’t stand when I can “feel” foundation on my face.It has a nice matte finish and stays put all day. However, I will say that it didn’t really smooth out my pores on my nose, like I felt like my pores were almost 3D looking. This doesn’t really bother me too much as I can always use a pore-filling primer such as Benefit’s Porefessional or Smashbox’s Pore Minimizing primer. This blended nicely with my beauty blender and felt smooth on my skin (with the exception of the nose pores).


Putting on some concealer:


I LOVE this concealer. It’s very brightening, blends well, it’s not drying at all, has great coverage and doesn’t crease or look cakey. It has a very natural look to it and held up well throughout the day. I prefer this over my NARS concealer!

Last but not least, setting my face with powder:


I really like this powder for touch-ups! Before I lost the sponge, it was perfect for adding a little more coverage, however, since I got such a dark color the sponge would concentrate the color so much I would look orange, so until I buy a lighter shade, I like using this with a flat top brush all over my face (specially my nose) and spreading the color out. This is very blendable and besides my nose, looks so natural on the skin. Great coverage, but not too heavy.

Outside lighting
8 AM:



12 PM:

Holding up really nicely!

3 PM: If I start to look sleepy, it’s cause of my allergies.



And finally at 5 PM, time to go home!


Besides my nose pores looking a little more prominent than I liked, I liked the foundation, and I think once I switch up my primer I will love this foundation. No oil peeked through at all so that’s a major win for me! This held up really nicely and let me tell you, I was sneezing so much and wiping my nose a lot (gently of course as to not ruin the makeup) I was surprised it held up that well! I’ve only been using the products for about a week and half, and I mean, I don’t notice an improvement in my skin really, I just like how I’m not oily after the day. I don’t typically purchase face makeup with the intention of making my skin better, I purchase them to cover up my pores and oil! I would say if you’re on the fence about trying these that you should cause it was around $32 for all three products!

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