New! Maybelline The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara | Review + Demo

Whatever makes you happy sets you free.

Have you ever heard that saying? Or song by Christina Aguilera?

Yeah I don’t think she was talking about mascara, but that’s what I’m talking about.

I’m back with another mascara review! Yay! SO many mascaras, so little time.

Today I will be reviewing the new Maybelline Colossal Spider Effect Mascara. You guys have probably seen the ads everywhere, and I have to say, I was really intrigued by it.

Maybelline Spider Ad
Taken from
I’ve read other posts on different forums about people hating this advertisement, but I actually like it. Like, that is exactly what I want want my lashes to look like. I wouldn’t even call this spidery cause I have seen “worse”. I just really like this bold, fanned out look.

The wand on this particular mascara is what Maybelline likes to call their “Spider Swipe Brush.” This brush is super spiky (obvs) and has small bristles on one side with a set of longer bristles on the other, and a flat side on another. The sculpted spiky tips are close together to help group your lashes together to give them that spider look!

Spider brush 1

Spider brush 2

I’m not the biggest fan of the flat side as I like to do a rotating 360 with brush on my lashes, but it wasn’t too annoying when applying.

The formula for the mascara was actual perfect for me. I like a drier mascara and this one was like I had already had it for a few weeks right when I opened it. I really liked it. Drier mascaras tend hold a curl better for me.

Here’s my application process:

  1. Me with no makeup, I have been super tired lately and my under-eye circles are super apparent and puffy in the next couple photos so bear with me.


2. First coat! I honestly was like, whoa, these look thick already. I didn’t see too much improvement in the length department, but I liked how black my lashes looked.wp-1465353650881.jpg

2. Second coat! I didn’t notice too much of a difference between my first and second coat, my lashes just got thicker.wp-1465353677167.jpg


3. Finally my last coat, you could really see how “spidery” they became and I gotta be honest, I kinda like it. They were super thick and dramatic and black. I will say my lashes were a tad clumpy and messy but it wasn’t a big deal to me. I feel like my eyes really opened up and the mascara helps give a false lash look.

wp-1465353712281.jpg         wp-1465353722458.jpg

Here’s some photos in natural lighting outside:



The face you make when you’re rushing to work and forget that you have to go get gas first cause you were too lazy to do it the other night so it sets you back 11 minutes and you aren’t early enough for work to get to the cafeteria to get a croissant cause they always sell out by 8:30 and all you’ve been really wanting for the last week was a croissant for breakfast so you have to settle for Quaker oatmeal instead and it’s not as satisfying. -__-
Close-up of the lashes at work:


So I have to say, I really like this mascara! There was no flaking which I was surprised about because typically drier mascaras have flakes. The curl lasted throughout my whole work day and I love how bold and dramatic my lashes look. Sure, there are some clumps but I don’t think they are that big of deal. If you like how dramatic this look is, but like a more subtle lash, I would recommend maybe trying this mascara out for your night-time-going-out look! I personally am a fan of these types of lashes, I like the flutteriness and how black they are!

*If you are looking for separated lashes long lashes, don’t get this mascara. The whole point of this one is that it’s supposed to be spidery and thick! I purposely picked this mascara because of the spider claims, I went into this knowing I would not get the classic, feathery separated look!

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26 thoughts on “New! Maybelline The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara | Review + Demo

  1. wingingitbygrace

    Ohhhh I need a new mascara. You may have convinced me to give this one a go. I don’t have your gorgeous lashes – I’ve gotta put falsies on to look like yours… or maybe the mascara will do it. Haha, thanks for the great review!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. wingingitbygrace

        Haha perfect! I love super black mascara… and I hate putting on falsies. Have only done it a couple of times, took me soooo long haha. Am definitely gonna pick some up on the weekend. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      Haha I was surprised to like this mascara cause this first coat I was like, uhhh this doesn’t look great! But get it if you’re okay with not having the separated fanned out lashes, even if you try it and don’t like it I think it would be good for a nighttime dramatic look! Let me know!

      Liked by 1 person

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