FACE Stockholm: The Great Face Corrector Kit | Review + Demo

Face correcting is all the rage right now.

However, I’m probably one of the last few to jump on that bandwagon. I’ve seen the kits and caboodles popping up everywhere, but I guess I just wasn’t intrigued by anything.

Until I went to Anthropologie.

Yeah, I didn’t even get this at a beauty/makeup store. I went inside an Anthro and just stumbled across their makeup section. I didn’t even know they had makeup at Anthropologie! I usually go into Anthropologie to look at their quirky kitschy items such as:

Originally retailed at $480 and now you can grab yours for $240! Image taken from anthropologie.com
Like, who doesn’t need a furry companion everywhere they go? Also, please count how many times the word Anthropologie comes up in this post. #imannoying

Anyway, I stumbled across the makeup and came across a whole bunch of FACE Stockholm products. I’ve actually never even heard of FACE Stockholm until that day, but as I was perusing, this item caught my eye:

Close-Up FACE Stockholm

Yes I already dipped my finger in the product, haha. I couldn’t resist it was just so pretty I had to play with it.

This corrector come with four cream concealing shades all targeted to help minimize imperfections on your skin.


Counters sallowness in olive complexions. I actually had to look up what sallow meant since I’ve heard of it, but actually never knew what it meant. It means to have an unhealthy appearance, typically a yellowish, sickly look.


Reduces redness


Minimizes olive tones and warms darker complexions


Diminishes blue tones


FACE swatches

FACE face swatch

These correcting concealers are SO creamy! They blend so easily onto my skin and really brighten my under-eyes up.

So here’s me with no makeup and black eyes, nothing new.

And here’s my with my correcting concealers:

Face with Lilac and Apricot

I decided to use the lilac corrector because I felt like my dark circles/under-eyes looked unhealthy.I also used the apricot corrector to diminish my dark under-tones.

I then applied my foundation and concealer then set it with powder.

Here’s a close-up:

under-eye closeup

I love how this corrector performs! It’s not too thick where it’s gonna crease, yet it’s not too liquid-y where it’s gonna slide all over your face. I really do feel like my under-eyes are brightened and less noticeable and plus, this kit is the perfect size for someone on the go! Also, I have a question. Do you guys put correctors on before foundation and concealer? Or do you put foundation on first then the corrector then the concealer? I’ve seen both ways and I don’t know which one is better! Let me know in the comments!

You can get this lovely corrector at some Anthropologies or you purchase it online here! It retails for $32. I love me some FACE Stockholm so far, so I will definitely be purchasing more items soon.

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