Kylie Cosmetics Lip Glosses | Review + Demo

I’ve been wanting to do a review on these glosses for awhile…

Mainly because these glosses are so hyped and I wanted to let you guys know my honest opinion about them.

I’ll be straight-forward about it.

Do I like them? Yes, for the most part.

Do you need them? No, I don’t think it’s a necessity unless you really like Kylie Jenner and nude glosses.

kylie glosses 4.JPG

So you’re probably wondering why I have four glosses displayed in the photo above. Well, let me paint you a little backstory…

I ordered two Kylie glosses on April 1st, the day of launch. I was able to get my hands on, ‘Like’ and ‘Literally’. ‘So Cute’ was out of stock and to be honest, I was fine with not getting that color since I could tell it would be too fair on my skin tone.

Checking out was super simple, I was in and out in five minutes and I had paid a total of around $40 for these lip glosses ($15 each, plus tax, plus S&H). Shipping took around two weeks and I was so excited to try them out!

Now, I had heard some issues on the bad quality control of her lipglosses, I saw some pictures of people’s wands being totally messed up, the hairs on the brush flying everywhere and I hoped I didn’t receive a bad wand. Well, I was half right.

Old wands
‘Like’ on top, ‘Literally’ on bottom. The hairs on the brush are so long.
So as you can see, only one of my wands was bad. I wasn’t completely freaking out, but I admit I was annoyed. However, what kind of disturbed me was the next image..

Hair on wand

hair on lipgloss 2.jpg

If you look closely, on the clear part of the tube, there’s a hair!!!!!!! Now, this is not my hair! I saw it and was like, “ew”. It was actually longer than that, but I ripped it off on accident. Now, the hair isn’t actually touching any product, it’s stuck between the tube and the stopper, and it’s not like the product is necessarily contaminated. It just really irks me.

Now, I’m not sure if other customers who ordered these glosses experienced a hair incident like mine, but the backlash of bad quality control was enough for Kylie to make a statement saying that she is aware that the brush on the wand is too long and she apologizes for all those who received bad wands. She also confirmed on Twitter saying she was going to send all those who ordered her glosses on April 1st, that they would be receiving a free replacement for what we had ordered. That in my opinion, was such a good way to handle a bad situation! So, props to Kylie and her team for giving great customer service on that.

So a couple of days ago, I received my free replacements and was very happy to find that there was no hair and the wand was much shorter!

shorter wands

The longer brush made it hard to apply the gloss, I couldn’t get the precision I wanted. Now that the brush is significantly shorter, my application is more precise. I will say, I wish she would’ve used a doe-foot applicator for her glosses, it makes the gloss slide on so much smoother. Here are the swatches:

Kylie Swatch
‘Like’ on the left, ‘Literally’ on the right
These colors are so pigmented and opaque! That swatch is just one swipe going from top to bottom. I love these colors, they are very nude and just up my alley, however I feel like there are probably some glosses out there that are very similar. These glosses are very thick, so there’s no need to go back and forth like a windshield wiper with these. One swipe on your lips is all you need. I find that the less you use, the better your results.

Kylie Swatches Rubbed

I smudged the swatches so you can see how thick and creamy they are. When I apply the gloss to my lips, I do one swipe on my top and bottom lip, and then with my clean finger I will rub the gloss on my lips to help thin it out and blend it all together. I would also recommend doing the, “lipstick on your teeth check,” where you stick your finger in your mouth to take off excess lip product. I wear Invisalign and I always managed to get the gloss on my retainers and even when I didn’t wear my retainers, I would still get gloss on my teeth.

In the photo below, I am wearing the color, ‘Like’. This is such a pretty nude-brown color. It’s not too brown so as it reminds me of fall, it’s just the right amount of brown and nude to make it daytime appropriate.


In this photo below, I am wearing the color, ‘Literally,’ which I actually think might be my favorite out of the two. I love the classic nude, an it almost has like, a peachy-pink color to it and I think it compliments most skin tones well.

At the end of the day, I am going to use these glosses. I like them, and the colors are pretty, but I can’t say I love them. If you were thinking about purchasing one, I would maybe check out NYX glosses first because the formulation seems similar, but not as thick. As far as lasting power, this stays on for couple hours until I start drinking water and then I eventually start wiping it off cause it looks patchy. I hope this helps you guys!

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32 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Lip Glosses | Review + Demo

    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      These are the only colors I have, and I mean, I like the colors a lot, but I don’t think it’s worth $40. My experience is kind of tainted because of the issues I had with my first order. If you really want these and like them enough, then just get them! Cause you probably down the road will be like, “man, I should’ve gotten those glosses!”

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The Sartorial Coquette

    love the colors! good you called customer service because that is definitely icky… great post ❀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      Haha yeah I don’t necessarily think $40 for two “mediocre” but pretty glosses is worth the price!! And thanks for stopping by and thanks for the follow! I’m following you back right now! ❀️


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