Confessions of a Lashoholic Update | I Finally Got My Eyebrows Done!

There’s a first time for everything, right?

Well I, Melissa – age 25, finally got dem brows done! I feel like such a woman now. I’m part of the, “I’ve gotten my brows done club,” and I am loving it!

Please pay no attention to my appearance, I’m on my vacation and I’m just not feeling like wearing makeup, so just focus on the brows!

Here’s what they look like now, with no powder or added makeup to them:


Here’s what they looked like before:


Yikes, am I right?? My brows look so much more polished!  

My friends hooked me up with their friend who does brows and I’m so glad they did cause she did an awesome job!

Alicia actually used to work for Anastasia Beverly Hills, so I knew that I could trust her with my virgin brows. She explained to me her method and process of waxing and assured me I was in good hands.

She used an eyebrow stencil and showed me where she was going to apply markings on my eyebrows to see where my eyebrows should start, end, and where the arch (or the highest point) should be.

shaping eyebrows
image taken from
Step 1

eyebrow markings
If you look closely, you can see the eyebrow markings
Here I am, freshly waxed! It felt like ripping a band-aid off, and I was surprised that I didn’t have tears in my eyes or anything. If you look closely in the photo below, you can see above my eyebrows has no skin. She said since I have peach fuzz, waxing the hair off makes my skin look lighter than the parts that are not waxed, so we ended up waxing my forehead as well, haha. #bushywitchbegone


You can see the color distinction between what was waxed, and what wasn’t on my forehead.
I asked her what type of tools/makeup I should use for my brows, and she mentioned that I should use a pencil and some clear brow gel. She said eyebrow shadows are for mostly creating an arch and extra fullness, since I already have full brows, a pencil would help define them a little better and gel would help keep them in place.

So far, I’m loving my new brows! They look so polished and natural, which is important to me since I’m already low maintenance with my brows; I don’t want to have to do much about them. We will see how I will go about upkeeping them, she did mention that I did a good job tweezing them, but I did go overboard on trying to create an arch, so I need to not be so tweezer-happy this time around.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading! How do you guys feel about waxing vs threading? Which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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P.S. Featured image was taken from I edited it

P.P.S. If any of you live in the South Orange County area and want to get your brows done next month by Alicia, send me an email at


20 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lashoholic Update | I Finally Got My Eyebrows Done!

  1. jespidi

    Wow, great post, great brows and great face ;D (you actually don’t need make up so don’t feel bad about it). I honestly never had waxed my brows, even when I have tried by myself but if I ever get to go to the area I will try! Plus, the advises to have the right shape for brows are perfect for me so I give it a try ;D thank you thank you thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Elizabeth

    I’ve had my brows threaded once and it literally made me tear up it hurt so bad. I can stand a wax but a constant plucking (or whatever they actualy do to the hair when they thread) on my brow area is too much for me. I get mine waxed every couple months and keep up with maintaining them at home till they get too out of control. Yours look really nice. Your lucky you have good full brows!
    Loved your post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Vivaciouslifestylin

    Your brows are dark and beautiful and I’m jealous. Lol I’ve gotten mine waxed and threaded before and I prefer to have mine waxed. Threading is so painful, it feels like small razors slicing my eyelids over and over. Waxing is done in like 2 secs. Although, I recently had my son and save money by doing them at home. I have a recent picture of them freshly done in my last blog post.

    Liked by 1 person

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