Maybelline Mascara Mashup | Lash Sensational vs. Lash Sensational Luscious

Damn, Melissa! Back at it again with the mascara reviews!

Today’s mascara review brings in a cult favorite and a revamped version of it.

Maybelline’s OG Lash Sensational and Lash Sensational Luscious

Both Lash Sensationals

The original Lash Sensational (in the pink tube), has a slight curved brush and plastic bristles to help separate the lashes. This brush has ten layers of bristles to help give you that famous fanned out effect on your lashes. This mascara is a nice combination between wet and dry, it’s wet enough to not flake on you, but it’s dry enough to not smudge!

The new Lash Sensational Luscious (in the black tube), has a straight, but slightly tapered brush. This mascara includes luscious oils infused in the mascara to help create softer, denser lashes. This brush also has bristles as well as a reservoir of those “luscious oils” to give you a more dramatic look. This mascara is super wet! The brush carries a lot of product on it, so letting this mascara dry between coats is crucial.

Here’s what the first coats look like:

Black Lash Sensational on your right. No product on the left.

Pink Lash Sensational on your left.
For my first coats, I really liked how both mascaras looked. The black Lash Sensational looked super black and dramatic! I was surprised how one coat made it look so nice. However, I noticed that the roots of my lashes had clumps of product in them, so I was hesitant for a second coat. The pink Lash Sensational looked nice and long and fanned out. I have been using the pink Lash Sensational on and off since last year and I love it, so no surprises for me there.

Here’s how the second coats turned out:

Second coat, black Lash Sensational on your right

Pink Lash Sensational on your left
For the second coat, the black Lash Sensational was SO clumpy. It was super black, which I like but my lashes started to look spidery and they definitely were not defined or fanned out. The pink Lash Sensational was nice and long and fluttery. It wasn’t as black as I like, but it was not clumpy at all.

I wanted to show you guys more HD photos, so I took a photo with my front camera, but I couldn’t really see what I was doing, so I’m not exactly centered. You guys get what I mean #doitfortheblog

I’m growing out my brows cause I’m getting them done, so don’t mind those! I also did let the mascaras dry between coats.


Black Lash Sensational

Pink Lash Sensational

As you guys can really see here, the black LS is super clumpy! It looks okay from far away but up close, it’s not too pretty. The original pink LS is still one of my favorites. I will say, that the black LS makes my lashes look a little more dramatic, but I can’t stand how it looks like I have only seven lashes on my eye.


The original pink Lash Sensational is still gonna be my main boo. I love how separated and fluttery my lashes look and there’s no clumps #therealMVP

Have you guys tried either of these mascaras? Let me know what you guys think!!

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