Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara | Review + Demo|

Another day, another mascara review!

Today, I’m gonna be live blogging! Which pretty means that I will be updating you guys on the wear of this mascara throughout the day! So essentially, my post will be in real time! I will update and publish the blog every few hours to let you guys know what’s going on!

The mascara I’m reviewing today is the new Tarte Tarteist Mascara! I have been waiting to get this mascara ever since I knew it was coming out and you best believe that the day it came out, I ordered it immediately!

tarte 1


The reason I was so excited to try this mascara was because it claims to give you an ultra-black effect with 2700% more volume in your lashes! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s not a typo, it really does say 2700%!

“Paint it black for stronger, thicker, sexier-looking lashes with this amped-up, drama-filled mascara. Powered by triple-black painted mineral pigments, it soften and nourishes lashes, while painting on glossy, ultra-black definition for a 2700% increase in lash volume. The custom sculpted paint brush wand features flexible, molded bristles that grab-and-lock even the tiniest lashes, saturating them in 360 degree root-to-tip, jet-black pigment. In a simple stroke, it sculpts, separates and lifts lashes so you can dramatically boost volume, length and curl with the grace and ease of a Tarteist. Vegan friendly” – from the Ulta website!

tarte 2

As you can see, the mascara bristles are rubber and they kind of remind me of Benefit’s They’re Real or the og Covergirl Lash Blast!

Here’s what the mascara looks like with one coat:

wp-1460299348909.jpgYes, I look tired cause I am, haha. I mean, I’ve been alive for 25 years what do you expect?? Also, I’m growing out my brows so don’t mind them! I LOVED the application of my first coat with this mascara, it just glided onto my lashes and it made them so black! I love dramatic black lashes and this was my cup of tea. Plus, NO CLUMPS! The mascara is a good combination between wet and dry, it held my curl so nicely!

First coat

Here is the second coat, I always let my mascara dry between coats, so I did the rest of my face for work:

Still so black!

My second coat really amped up the volume, but didn’t make my lashes like super thick to where it got clumps! It was still nice and separated.

Second coat

For my final coat, I noticed that my lashes had the tiniest bit of them getting stuck together,but it wasn’t like, majorly noticeable. I also think my last coat made my lashes look longer!

Third coat still looking fab!



I usually take my pictures outside, but it was raining so I took most of them indoors. By the time I was done and ready for work the rain stopped and the sky cleared up, so here’s some better lighting for you!





I love how long my lashes look and they look so black! They are fluttery and dramatic, but they don’t look like overkill. I really like the volume the mascara gives without making it look so thick and clumpy. I sometimes can go overboard with mascara and I feel like with this one, I can go kinda crazy and have it look good still!

These photos were taken at aroung 8:30 am. Currently, I am at work, I will update you guys at 12 pm!! Keep checking back for more pictures!!!

Here is my 2 pm update! I got busy with work so I was unable to do 12 pm, but no flakes and still looking great!


Alright, Alright! It’s 4:45 I’m on my lunch! Still no flakes and my curl is going strong!
At the end of the day, I’m really really liking this mascara, it’s dramatic yet natural looking and I have no clumps and no flakes! The bristles and formula just glides onto your lashes and holds a curl all day! I definitely recommend this mascara and if you’ve been wanting to try it, I say go for it!

Talk to you guys soon! Leave your comments on what you think!! Be sure to like and follow me if you enjoyed this post!

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