On Trend: Lace-up Shoes

I gotta be honest here, I am not the most stylish person in the world.

If you saw me on a day to day basis, you would know that outside of work, all I do is wear workout gear and sweats. I don’t consider myself to be super trendy and you won’t catch me wearing a velvet choker and a red bandana around my neck anytime soon.

However, there are some trends out there that when I see them, I hop on that bandwagon, take rein at the front seat, and ride it out till it dies.

My latest obsession are lace-up shoes. Flats, heels, wedges, booties. You name it, I want it. I’ve been in sort of a slump these past few months, I wasn’t dressing up or really putting much makeup on and I’d like to say, these shoes kind of helped me out with that (and the dress I’m wearing, I LOVE it). Lace-up shoes are everywhere nowadays and I think the ones I purchased are a classic, cute, never-go-out-style shoe!

P.S. Didn’t brush my hair so yeah, don’t judge

P.P.S. I am not a model or photogenic in the least bit, haha. I’m still new to posing so yeah, bear with me.

The first lace-up shoes I have are flats.

I am lala-loving lace-up ballet flats! I think they are so dainty, feminine, and of course comfortable!


Please ignore my scratches #perksofhavingadog
I got these lovely flats at one of my favorite boutiques, No Rest For Bridget. This boutique is based in Orange County and they have the cutest clothing at such good prices for boutique quality! These bad boys were only $32.99 and I got 10% off! #score. You guys should definitely check them out online and because I’ve shopped there before they give their customers a code to refer their friends to receive 10% off their order as well!  Just use the link above and your savings will be applied! Yay for discounts!!


My next pair of shoes I have to thank my friend Nikki for, I saw her wearing these when we were hanging out and I had to have them!

These shoes are from Go Jane, I actually had never heard of this site before. So I did some online research, they are a typical clothing store (think Charlotte Russe type), their clothing didn’t get very good feedback, however their shoes got great reviews! I scooped these cuties for $34.00 and they are really comfortable and I’ve gotten so many compliments! I love the dark brown, “suede” material and how it has an open heel! Perfect for summer!
These heels are called the Little Too Peep and they are unfortunately sold out 😦 hopefully they will come back soon!


My last pair of lace-up heels are definitely my favorite out of all three. Meet my beloved Jeffrey Campbell Cors:

These are my first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I feel like I’ve been inducted into the, “Campbell Cool Kids Club,” haha. It’s definitely safe to say that I will be buying more JC’s if my wallet can afford it. These guys set me back a pretty $164.99. Pretty steep, but they are suede and pretty and perfect and I’ve worn them enough to get my monies worth.

I love the wooden heels and the eyelet detailing. These shoes are so comfortable and stylish! I tried to get them in a different color as well, but they were sold out of my size :(which always happens because I have size 5.5 feet, ughh). Tiny foot problems. You can ger these cuties here!  You can get some similar, less expensive one from Steve Madden here!

Just busy being a gangsta

That’s all I have for my lace-up shoes….so far, haha. I’ve definitely been hunting for more so I’m sure you will some new shoes in the future!! Which one is your favorite?!

My dress is from: Luna B ❤ (currently sold out)

My bag (which wasn’t supposed to be in any of the shots since it didn’t match) is: Rebecca Minkoff

Here’s some bonus shots of your girl crushing a a sweet crepe like a champ!

Bout to go HAM
The face you make when you realize you took too big of a bite

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