Becca Glow on the Go Highlighter | Review + Demo!

Shining bright like a diamond was never really an issue for me.

I mean, that was all thanks to my oily skin. Now that I have got my oils under control (for the most part), I don’t shine very often. What I’m looking to achieve now is a beautiful, natural glow. Something similar to this:

Image taken from
Okay, maybe something a little less drastic than that.

If you saw my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette post, then you know I’m a beginner when it comes to contouring. Well, same goes for highlighting/strobing, it’s really foreign to me and so I’m a little cautious when it comes to applying highlighter (trying to avoid looking like the above picture).

So one fateful day in December, I went to Sephora to initially shop for presents for my sister. I was actually doing pretty well with staying on track and only shopping for her, but then when I walked in line to checkout, those darn deluxe sample items got me. I saw that they had this Becca Opal Glow on the Go kit and I was immediately intrigued by the price. Only $20! I was like, “whaaaaaaat?!” I’ve had been wanting to try highlighting/strobing so I picked it up and checked out.

I did give myself a little pat on the back cause of out the 5 things I got, only 2 of them were for me. That’s better than me just buying it all for me! #dontjudge #practicingselfcontrol #babysteps

Oooooh, so pretty.
So the kit came with a mini powder compact of Opal and with a liquid highlight version!

Here are the swatches for the powder:

Here are the swatches for the liquid

Liquid swatch

Liquid blended
As you guys can see, the liquid looks a little more natural, which I actually prefer. The liquid was super easy to blend in with my fingers and didn’t leave any obvious lines. The powder is super creamy and buildable, but it can come off strong so I would recommend using a light hand unless you want it to look like you have actual rays of sunshine coming out of your face. Also, Opal has a very peach and gold tone to it and I think it would look great on all skintones!

Now, I don’t plan on highlighting and/or strobing my face everyday. I work at a casual place and it would look a little dramatic if I did. I decided to wear some to work today just to try it out!

Me getting ready for work with no highlight


Another look, I don’t know if you can really see it through pictures

In person, the highlight looks very subtle and pretty, I love the way it looks. I definitely will be using the liquid for a natural look and the powder for when I need more of a dramatic look! Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase, the powder and liquid are going to last me awhile!

Unfortunately, this set is currently sold out on Sephora 😦 However, it is being sold on Amazon, but at an escalated price. I hope this comes back soon as it is a great set!

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16 thoughts on “Becca Glow on the Go Highlighter | Review + Demo!

  1. hopalthomps

    Lovely, they’re both gorgeous!! I always find with powder highlights you end up sparkly rather than a slight shimmer (which I do actually looove when going out), but the liquid one is so subtle I love it!! I think I may have to purchase this set πŸ˜‰ This is a lovely post, thank you for posting un-edited photos as well, so we can actually see what it looks like (something I need to start doing more!), lovely post ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nena

    All the good things get sold out:( I am really loving the highlight. Ever since I tried highlighting myself, I have been doing it any chance I get. It gives you such a beautiful, natural glow:)

    Liked by 1 person

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