Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette | Review + Demo

Surprise, surprise. I’m a little late to the highlighting and contouring party.

I’ve never been one to highlight or contour and that’s simply because I really didn’t care for it. I mean, drawing lines all over my face and then buffing them away doesn’t really seem like a lot of fun.

What piqued my interest in contouring and highlighting was how shapely it makes your face. Thanks to my chipmunk cheeks, my face is pretty round. There’s not really any definition to it, unless you count the definition in my double chin (that’s super defined, trust me). I decided to take the plunge and purchase the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette and in a matter of minutes my face went from Peter Griffin to Johnny Bravo (hey there, pretty mama).

close up shade and light.JPG
This palette works wonders


The top portion of the palette contains the highlighting powders (from left to right): Lucid (cool-pink), Lyric (banana-yellow), and Levitation (peachy-pink). All matte.

contour shades

The bottom portion of the palette are the contouring shades (from left to right): Sombre (cool-toned), Shadowplay (warm-toned), and Subconscious (dark). All matte.

Swatching these bad boys was easy-peasy. The shades are so pigmented and creamy, they glide on easily. I used (middle highlight) Lyric to set my under-eyes and it definitely brightened them up.

Don’t laugh at this next part. So, I sometimes have my days where I think my face is darker than it really is. Today was one of those days. For some reason I decided to contour with Subconscious (the darkest contour shade). I now realize I am more of a Shadowplay shade. But I took pictures of it so yeah, haha. Enjoy.

dark contour
This contour can cut someone. And yes, I have bad sideburns.
So, as you can see above, the contour is just like, a little to dark for me. It was too late to turn back so I just went with it and blended it out.

blended contour
A little better. I used my Sonia Kashuk contour brush!
All in all, this is a great palette and I’m so glad I got it! It’s perfect for beginners like me and also for those who are addicted to contouring. I like how the shades are all-matte, I highly dislike shimmery contours as I think shimmer draws more attention to imperfections. These shades are super easy to blend, creamy, and buildable and I can mix and match shades for when my face becomes lighter or darker. I will definitely be defining my nose and cheekbones and slimming my face more often because of this palette. #thankskatvond

You can pick up the palette here!

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