Target|Dove Beauty Dry Spray Testing!

When it comes to smelling good, I don’t mess around.

There’s nothing worse than when you walk by someone and get a whiff of B.O. The smell is so bad, it almost knocks me unconscious. When I was in middle school, I always made sure I did an armpit odor check. I wanted to bring the boys to my yard, not scare them away with my smell.

Now that I’m older I haven’t really been doing armpit odor checks since I actually wear a men’s deodorant/antiperspirant. Now, I’m not an extremely smelly person and I don’t overly sweat, but the reason I wear a men’s deodorant is because I like the smell!

I received the Target Dove Dry Spray* collection for review and I’m so glad I did cause I was at the end of my deodorant stick. I used the Dove Nourished Beauty Dry Spray Antiperspirant.

Now, usually women’s deodorant/antiperspirants come in like, overly girly scents, they give me a headache. But, this Dove Dry Spray came in the scent called, “cool essentials,” and it smells really, really good! Nice, clean, and fresh! Now another reason I don’t use women’s deodorants is because they normally make me ITCHY. OMG, I can’t even explain how itchy I get using some deodorants. I remember in high school, my friends would be like, “Melissa. Stop itching! You’re always itching your armpits.” I literally looked like a monkey at school, scratching my armpits til’ the cows came home. This Dove Dry Spray is NON-IRRITANT! Can I get a heck yeah? This dry spray also provides 48-hour protection against odor and wetness and dries quickly!

So I decided to put this Dove Dry Spray to the test! I put it on before work yesterday and I was surprised at how nice the spray was, it came out in an actual spray and not a stream. I will admit, I overdid it on the spray and I put waaaaaay too much on (haha) and it dried within a minute. I would say if you go get this, only spray for like, two or three seconds! After my eight hour work shift, I still smelled good! I even went to the gym after that (did not apply anymore deodorant) and still smelled so fresh and so clean, clean.

me at gym1
Me last night at the pain
This morning, I went to the gym as well and used my dry spray (like 3 second spray). It dried within about 15 seconds and I was ready to go!

I went hard at the gym and even decided to hang out in the sauna for a bit to make sure I was sweaty!

Me STRUGGLING on the elliptical

I did a pit check and I was happy with the results! The last picture is me giving a thumbs up, but my arm wasn’t in frame. I still smelled fresh and even though I was sweaty, my armpits were nice and dry!

Overall, this is a great dry spray. I’ve never used a dry spray before, but I will probably be sticking with them since I think the application is cool! I also think it helps me use less product because with a deodorant stick, I would just like go back and forth so much you could see the white of the deodorant. With the Dove Dry Spray, it’s invisible! Check here for more info and different scents!

As always, thanks for reading! Be sure to like and follow if you enjoyed!



*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Opinions expressed are always my own.



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