The Beauty Blogger Award

Woot Woot! I received two more nominations for the Beauty Blogger award!

My girl and theglamupstory both nominated me for this award and I’m so thankful that they did! Big shoutout to them! Please go check out their blogs, they both write about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and I know you guys will LOVE their blogs!

The Rules:

  • Tag and thank who nominated you.
  • Respond to the questions that your nominator gave you.
  • Nominate 10 new beauty/fashion bloggers.
  • Create 10 new questions for these bloggers to answer.
  • Tell the blogger that you nominated them.


Since both nominated me at the same time (actually a day apart, but same thing) I will be answering all of their questions! (That’s 20 questions so grab some cheetos and get comfortable)

Lifewithlilred’s questions

Do you prefer a glam or natural makeup look? As much as I’d prefer to be glammed out a la Kim K, I’m more natural. I’m just too   lazy to spend all that time getting perfected. I don’t even brush my hair most days, haha.

How old were you when you started wearing makeup daily? Well, this is actually a trick question for me. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in eighth grade or really in the beginning of highschool, but I was that girl who would leave the house makeupless and then go to school to put some on. Surprisingly, I WOULD ONLY WEAR EYELINER AND BLUSH. Like, wtf, not even mascara. I didn’t start wearing eyeshadow and mascara until I was like, 17/18 and then foundation when I was around 20!

What is the best beauty advice that you’ve ever received? Less is more!

Do you buy makeup from the department or the drug store? Both. I’m not super picky. As long as it does its job, I don’t mind where it comes from!

Do you have any makeup tricks or hacks that you swear by?

What is your favorite skin care product to use? Right now would be witch hazel! It helps balance my skin and keeps my pores clean!

Do you have a favorite fragrance? Versace Bright Crystal aka My Everything

Do you feel comfortable wearing no makeup out in public? At work, no. Everywhere else, yes!

What is something that you consider a “no no” when it comes to makeup? I mean, makeup is so versatile that I think if you like the way you look, then I mean, do you boo-boo. But, things I think are no-nos would be overdoing your brows and overlining your lips.

Would you rather not style your hair or wear no makeup for two months? Not style my hair. I don’t brush it, I don’t care about it. I like it out of my face in a ponytail and that’s about it!

Image result for funny with and without makeup

Theglamupstory’s questions:

Why did you start your blog? I’ve always loved makeup and I love sharing what I know and learning new things from others and so I started one to connect with all you guys!

Where was your last, best vacation? My last vacation was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! My best vacation was Italy! I love Italy! I can’t wait to go back again ❤

What is your most prized possession? Does my dog count? Do all the dogs in the world count?

Image result for funny dogs
Hahah so true, so true

What is your favorite beauty quote? Hmm..probably my little bio tagline? “The only drama I like in my life is on my lashes.”

Favourite Cuisine? HANDS DOWN, MEXICAN. I love me some chips and salsa and street tacos! #tacotuesdayyafeelme

Favourite Youtuber? Casey Holmes, I feel like she and I would get along real well.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be?  Kristen Wiig, she’s my soulmate. We are two peas in a pod.

Favourite Makeup Product? Mascara!

Home natural remedy (DIY) or Products available in market? Products available in the market. I’m way too lazy and science/chemistry isn’t really my strong suit.

Describe yourself in three words. I am a rebel. 😉

My Questions:

  1. What’s your all-time favorite song?
  2. If you could be any dog breed, what would you be?
  3. Do you always take your makeup off every single night?
  4. What’s your favorite liquid foundation?
  5. If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be?
  6. How often do you curse?
  7. What countries have you traveled to?
  8. How do you feel about ranch dressing? (This is important cause I need to know if we can be friends)
  9. iPhone or Android?
  10. Name three celebs you wish you could be friends with!


Who I nominate:

1. Beayoutyfulyou

2. Adryana’s Beauty Blog

3. Makeupbeautyash

4. Bohocharming

5. Littlebeautyblogxo

6. Bloomify

7. Bee Beauty

8. Lipstickonthelake


10. Girlytreasures

Thanks you guys so much for reading! Be sure to check out some of the blogs above! Be sure to like, follow, and comment if you enjoyed!



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