Colourpop x Kathleenlights Mini Haul

Which girl decided to take a chance on Colourpop?! This girl!

I’ve never tried Colourpop before and I have been hearing alllllll about it on YouTube and other beauty forums. I have actually never even knew who Kathleenlights was until about a month or two ago, and after watching her videos and saw that she had a collab with Colourpop is when I decided to take the plunge and try out their/her products!

Kathleenlights came out with two collaboration sets:

Where The Light Is Palette

Image taken from
and Where the Night is Palette

Image taken from
I didn’t buy the palettes because I felt that I had already owned similar shades from Where the Light Is, and at first glance, I wasn’t too fond of the green/yellow shades in Where the Night Is (although now I’ve seen SUCH pretty looks with them on YouTube, I kind of wish I bought it).

I decided to buy two shades from her collections:

Porter untouched

I bought Porter and Cornelious, which I think it’s cute and coincidental how the shades are named after her dogs because I LOVE dogs! Colourpop also calls these shadow formulations Super Shock.

Porter touched
A closer look at Porter

Cornelious and Porter
Cornelious on left and Porter on right
Cornelious is a really pretty tan-caramel matte shade that will be great for everyday wear or as a transitional crease color, I know you can barely see it in my swatch since my skin seems to be the same shade as the shadow, haha. Porter is a GORGEOUS wine-burgundy with gold glitter in it, it’s seriously so pretty I can’t wait to try it on a night out. I would say if you are a little more tanned, you might want to skip Cornelious as you probably wouldn’t be able to see it. I think Porter will be flattering on all skin tones.

The cool thing about these Colourpop Super Shock shadows is that they they feel like elastic clay (not sure if that’s a good reference or not). As you can see in a few pictures above of the shadows themselves (not the swatches), you can see the indentation I made from swatching. Instead of being powdery, my finger like, melted into the pot and the shadow felt more like a cream. It’s seriously the coolest thing, I couldn’t stop dipping my finger and playing with the shadow. Also, after I finished the swatches, I went to just wipe them off my arm with my hand and THE SHADOW DID NOT BUDGE aka these eyeshadows are definitely going out certified #nofallout. I would definitely recommend applying these shadows with your finger because I don’t think a brush can pick up the “creaminess” and your finger can give you more pigmentation. All in all, I can’t wait to try more of these Super Shock shadows.

I also decided to try out a lippie stick and a lippie pencil from the Kathleenlights collab, I got the shades Aquarius and Taurus ( I love astrology so these names are so cool to me, especially since I’m a Taurus! #thebull)

Lip Pencil and Stick


Taurus and Aquarius
Taurus is the Lippie Pencil on the left and Aquarius is the Lippie Stick on the right

Aquarius LS is on the left, Taurus LP is in the middle, and I combined both on the right!

Aquarius is a soft-pink nude lip stick, that is maybe a little too pink for my liking. On the website it looked a little more mauve and even on other people it looked like a darker pink-nude. I was expecting a, “my lip but better” type of shade but it came out pink on me. I think for fair skin tones, this shade would be a perfect nude pink.

Taurus…I LOVE IT. I love the name, I love the color, I love the application, I just love it all. This is definitely a reddish-brown lip pencil and I think it goes beautifully with olive-tan skin tones. I am a big fan of brown lipsticks and pencils and I this will be my go-to pencil for when I go out.

Aquarius and Taurus combined = a flashback to the 1990s. I love the way they look combined, it’s kind of grungy and muted, and for some reason I think combining them make me lips look fuller. I think depending on how much Aquarius and Taurus you use, you could create multiple different shades. In the picture on the right, I just put a little Aquarius on top on Taurus (the middle picture) and that’s what came out! #90sforthewin

All in all, I’m glad I tried out Colourpop and I am loving Kathleen’s collection and I hope she comes out with more. If you guys want to get any of the products, check them out here! They are reasonably priced and have great shadows! I am definitely going to purchase more!

P.S. I’m making an assumption here, but can the lippie pencils be sharpened? I feel like they can, but it doesn’t seem like it…haha I’m just like whoa, the outside is plasticky and not wood..

Taurus Lippie Pencil
Sorry, it’s dirty from application
Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think of Colourpop/Kathleenlights in the comments! Be sure to like and follow!




9 thoughts on “Colourpop x Kathleenlights Mini Haul

  1. Abigail Lopez

    Love Kathleen! She always comes out with gorgeous colors when collaborating with different makeup brands! The colors on the quad are breathtaking! Can’t believe you never bought anything from colourpop! 😱 their stuff is pretty amazing! Especially their matte liquid lipsticks which are my fav! Love your blog btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      I saw their matte liquid lipsticks and I really want to buy tulle! Such a pretty shade! I just subscribed to Kathleen too she’s awesome! Thanks for following my blog, means so much! 😘😘❀️


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