Giving Back for the Pawlidays

I don’t know how to say this in a really subtle way but…


There. I said it. I’m not ashamed. I really, really, really, really love dogs. Ask anyone who knows me. I’m a girl obsessed. My obsession has gotten so bad that even my coworkers will tell me when there is a dog in the store for me to go out and pet it. Or if I’m not available, they will send me pictures.

See? I wasn’t lying.


dog gif.GIF
This is why I love dogs

I’ve always loved dogs for as long as I can remember and I’ve always had an urge and desire to want to save them all. My family actually rescued a dog from an animal shelter when I was 10, and 15 years later he is still with us (grumpy AF, though).

Meet my best friend: Peanut! AKA Grumpy AF

Dogs are seriously the funniest animals alive. I love how they all have their own personalities whether they are grumpy, goofy, or shy, they are all so unique. I love coming home and seeing my dog get so excited to see me. He’s all like, “OMG I missed you so much, let me smell you and find out where you’ve been because I missed you!” I love how loyal and loving they are, and no matter if I’ve had a bad day or I’m really sad about something, my dog always picks up cues on my mood and will come over to hang out with me when I’m feeling lonely. I think all dogs have that tendency. They are so loving and innocent, I think that’s the reason I love them the most.


I consider my dog to be my absolute best friend. He’s always there for me, no matter what. I don’t know what I would do without him. I’ve even gone to lengths to tell my management team at work that if something ever happened to him, I would probably be out for a week. A few years ago, I tried to convince my parents to clone him…they weren’t so keen on the idea.

My #1

Seeing how an animal shelter gave me my best friend, I wanted to give back to them this holiday to express my gratitude. The animal shelter we went to is a no-kill shelter, which basically means that they keep the dogs for as long as they need to until the dog is adopted.

xmas shelter

I donated treats, food, and toys for the dogs (I did get cat food too), but next time I am going to donate my time, because what shelters really need are people to help run them. Since I work in retail and the holidays are extra busy, I was unable to help out this day, but next time I promised myself I would.


After I donated, I decided to walk around the shelter and see what dogs they had. They just had an adoption fair earlier this month and they said a good amount of animals get adopted! This brought so much joy to my heart, it makes me so happy when shelter dogs find their forever home.

Dexter! Such a sweet dog at the shelter.

Even though the holidays are usually happy times for families and their new pets, there are instances where those dogs end up back in the shelter due to the family not being ready to have a dog, or the didn’t realize how much responsibility goes into caring for one. I am definitely an advocate of adopting a shelter dog, however, please be sure you and/or your family are ready for the responsibility! Shelter dogs are some of the best dogs because they are forever grateful towards you for saving them. If you guys have any time this holiday, pick up a can of food or drop by your local shelter and give a donation. Big or small, any amount helps.

“A dog is the only thing that loves you more than it loves itself.”

Happy Pawlidays!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Please like and follow if you did!

♥ Melissa


me as a cop

me in five years
Me in five years

3 thoughts on “Giving Back for the Pawlidays

  1. tickposi

    I love coming home and seeing my dog get so excited to see me. He’s all like, “OMG I missed you so much, let me smell you and find out where you’ve been because I missed you! Where such information?


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