Confessions of a Lash-o-holic…Never Have I Ever Update

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Kidding. My last confessions post wasn’t too long ago and it was still published in this galaxy, but I decided it was time to do something about my brows!

Now if you read my last confessions post, you guys will recall this man

Me. Image taken from
and how he and I had similarities in our brows. Now, I know winter is coming and actually keeping my brows unruly and thick would benefit me cause they would help keep my face warm, but I just couldn’t stand the way they looked anymore.

Enter in: my tweezers.

I wasn’t and still am not ready to go and get my brows waxed/threaded so this was the next best thing. I mentally prepared for this self-inflicting pain and I knew the consequences of over-plucking my brows.

over plucked brows
No, girl. Just, no.
I’m giving you a written warning on my brows in these next images right now. This content may not be suitable for kids under 18.

So many hairs, so little time

I scared myself looking at this photo.

Sorry about the lighting changes. It was partly cloudy this day and the sun kept playing peek-a-boo.
These pictures aren’t doing my brow hair justice. I had so many hairs on my brow bone that I probably could’ve started to make a braid out of them. #TRUST

I used this shape chart to figure out my face shape and brow shape. However, I couldn’t decide if I was oval or round or maybe even a dash of diamond. So i kind of just went with a mixture of all three.

Taken from
I then followed this eyebrow chart to see how short/long my eyebrows should be.

eyebrow chart

And then I got to plucking!

Lots of tears happened during this part…lots. But the end result was worth it. #chewbaccabegone




SO much better and cleaner. And obviously, happier.


On the left is before and on the right is after. What a difference!

I decided to get ready for work and then show you guys the completed look.

There is no product on my brows! When I do use brow product (which is only when I go out), I use the Zoey Van Jones Tinted Brow Gel that I got in my November Birchbox, I absolutely love it! In combination, I use a little eyebrow brush that I got in my LE Sonia Kashuk brush set!


I know it’s going to be a long journey on the road to eyebrows on fleek, but I’m making progress…one plucked hair at a time.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Please be sure to follow, like, and comment if you did!!



10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lash-o-holic…Never Have I Ever Update

  1. Taryn

    Wow what a change on your brows. You did a great job. But Girl I feel ya tho. I am a new license Cosmo and I am still trying to get my brows to grow back to get then shaped lol the struggle is real. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Elizabeth

    I love the transformation! Once I started using product in my brows it made all the difference. It definitely makes a girl look more put together when she has some rockin eyebrows! You should try the brow wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. She is the brow diva as far as I’m concerned. She has small tutorials on instagram. She’s amazing.


      1. Sarah Elizabeth

        Its more like a crayon so it’s super smudgable. On one end it comes with a spooly that I use to smudge it so it looks more natural. And with practice I’ve been able to make it look more like hairs. Short strokes and lots of smudging. Trust me though it took time and practice but I think a nice brow really finishes a look. Hope you had a nice holiday! 🙂


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