A Disneyland Diamond Day ♥

I looooove me some Disney.

I love pretty much anything Disney related. Disney movies, disney music, and especially…Disneyland!

I don’t think I could really put into words how much joy I feel when I’m at Disneyland. I get so happy and giddy that it makes me feel like I’m a five year-old kid (one that’s tall enough to go on all the rides).

It’s Diamond Days at Disneyland to celebrate their 60th anniversary!

I actually grew up in Anaheim, about a 15 minute walk away from Disneyland; my mom used to take me and my sister alllll the time. In fact, we would go so much that when she would ask if we wanted to go, me and my sister would be like, “Disneyland AGAIN!?” When we moved away, and the Disneyland trips were less frequent, I found myself missing it more and more.

Then, when I was 18 or 19, a coworker of mine at my old job got to talking about getting the ever-prized annual pass. I was so excited because I’ve never had an annual pass and I hadn’t been to Disneyland in about a year or two. Once we got our annual passes we seriously would go like, two or three times a week. We would go before work, after work, after school (we went to neighboring universities), we literally would go any chance we met. We had our ride routine down and we weren’t necessarily above pushing some slow moving kids out our way so we could get on the rides faster (kidding…maybe). Let’s just say we were so obsessed, we probably went over 140 times those first couple years.

me and lindsey.JPG
One of mine an Lindsey’s first AP Disney sessions

Fast forward to now, where I am no longer working at my old job and not all of my friends have an annual pass. My Disneyland trips are less frequent because my my work hours are different and it’s hard to have everyone coordinate their schedules. But through the power of Disney magic (haha), my friends and I finally got together to spend a day at Disney.

So here’s me and my friends:

If you were wondering if I am wearing a Drake Hotline Bling sweater, the answer is yes, yes I am. Me and my friends (the human ones) actually all got them to match cause we are essentially like the Spice Girls except we are spicier and more fashionable.

Ok here are my real friends. Lindsey, Me, Sarah, and Nani!

All of us actually worked at my old job and that’s how we all met, it’s crazy how some people you work with are just coworkers, and some turn out to be very good and special friends. I’ve worked 40-50 hours weekly with these guys for years and it’s comforting to know that even though some of us don’t work at that job anymore, some of us have moved away, I still have a great friendship with these girls and even if I don’t see or talk to them everyday, when we get together it’s like a reunion and nothing has changed.

Okay now back to Disney. If there is ever a time to go to Disney, you MUST go during Christmas time. The park is holiday decorated and you can really feel the holiday spirit in air. Also when we went, it happened to be Star Wars themed in Tomorrowland (and it still for the rest of the month, I believe). They even changed Space Mountain to Hyperspace Mountain where you go on a ride in a battle between forces, or droids, or robots, or something. I wasn’t really sure what we were “fighting” for on the ride, but nevertheless is was sooooo cool and worth the wait.

Don’t worry guys, I got dis.
Haunted Mansion
Inside of Haunted Mansion is Nightmare before Christmas themed!
Big Thunder
Bout to ride Big Thunder Mountain!

us again.jpg

We went on Big Thunder mountain, Matterhorn, Hyperspace Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, and Toy Story’s Astro Blasters. It was pretty crowded this day, but we made it work. We fastpassed Hypserspace mountain and waited in the lines for the rest. I’m just gonna say, if you’re waiting in line for a ride, nothing beats eating a churro and playing Heads Up (the Ellen Degeneres game) to make the time go by. I love me some Disneyland churros, Disney has the churro game covered.

me and linda
Going crazy cause I haven’t had a churro

We also moved on to California Adventure where we got VIP tickets to see the Aladdin Show! The Aladdin show will be discontinued at the end of January (I believe) and they will then have the not over-played phenomenon, Frozen show. If you guys plan on going to CA Adventure soon, I definitely recommend seeing the Aladdin show! The genie is hilarious!

Back entrance of Cars Land
Flos cafe.JPG
Flo’s Cafe in Cars Land!
Cozy Cone Motel.JPG
If you’re looking for a hearty bite to eat on-the-go, head to this motel to get a mac and cheese filled bread cone! So good!

ferris wheel.jpg

tower of terror

hotline girls.jpg
The hotline triplets! Lindsey was the only one of us who didn’t get a matching sweater
Support your local girl band

At the end of our day, we were all sooooo tired. We just can’t keep up with the kids like we used to. Disneyland was SO much fun and I can’t wait to go back again next year (I work retail and my only day off besides today is Christmas so I’m gonna be pretty busy the rest of the year). I don’t think I could ever get tired of anything Disney related. I really want to save up enough to be able to go to Disney world cause that is definitely on my bucket list! Disneyland really is one of my most favorite places on earth and I hope some of you guys who aren’t from California can come and experience this magical place and fall in love with it like I have. Until next time, Disney!

today, tomorrow

Thanks you so much for reading! I know this was a different post than you are used to, and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to follow and like if you did enjoy it!

♥ Melissa


9 thoughts on “A Disneyland Diamond Day ♥

  1. Vivaciouslifestylin

    Girl, that looks like so much fun! I’m so jealous because I’ve never been. && your sweater game is real strong. Glad that you had fun. I really enjoyed reading this post. It’s awesome reading beauty posts and even cooler seeing the bloggers real personality.


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