My Favorite FAB Products!

First things first, I have to tell you guys about a tragedy that happened during the making of this post!

So I was searching for the FAB under-eye remedy and I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE in my room which was weird to me because I had just used it the other day and although my room is a mess, it’s an organized mess and I usually know where I leave things. So I was looking around my beauty desk and took a step back and I felt that I had stepped on something squishy….


Why must this world be so cruel?
So by stepping on it, I squeezed like, a good amount of product into the cap and onto the applicator 😦

wah 2
When I was taking pictures of the damage, I ended up dropping the eye remedy and the product stained my white backdrop.  😦 I’m just not having a good “behind-the-scenes” day haha. But now that I’ve told you guys, we can move on to the actual blog post!

First Aid Beauty creates skin care products that are safe for sensitive skin types and are also all free of harsh chemicals and parabens. They have products that are therapeutic for all types of skin conditions while still giving a luxurious feel to your skin!

Although I wouldn’t consider my skin to be sensitive, I still wanted to use skin care that would be effective for helping my combination-to-oily face and my dry itchy skin on my body!

Here are some of my favorite products I’ve tried:

Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel

oil mattifying gel

I use this as a moisturizer for my t-zone and I love it! It makes my face feel hydrated but matte at the same time. It is very lightweight and also has anti-aging and pore minimizing properties. I have been using this for about a month now and haven’t experienced any adverse effects. I think for people who don’t have super oily skin, this might feel somewhat drying. I don’t use this everyday, I probably use it three times a week, but definitely when summer comes, I will be using this religiously. I also love that it’s a gel, I find that gels work best on oily skin as opposed to creams. P.S. This works amazingly under makeup! I stay matte all day!

Eye Duty Triple Remedy

eye remedy tri

For those days that I don’t want to wear makeup, but I still need to go out of the house and look like a regular human, this is my go-to for hiding my under-eye circles. I instantly notice my under-eyes are brightened and it looks like I actually got sleep. This says it helps de-puff, but I don’t notice any de-puffing properties, but I’m fine with it. I love the metal tip applicator, when you use it to blend the product in, it becomes super cool to the skin and feels refreshing.

wah 3
This was after my little “accident”

eye remedy swatch

On my left (your right) I am wearing the under-eye remedy. On my right eye (your left) I am not. It makes all the difference!
It’s like night and day! This doesn’t give like, a crazy amount of coverage, so I don’t recommend it as a concealer. The color of this formula is like a pinkish-orange color and it really helps cancel out my dark brown/purple undertones. FAB also came out with a medium/deep pigmentation which I think I will try next! Maybe it will blend in with my skin tone more. Also, a little goes a loooooooong way with this product (which is why I am so upset that I stepped on it and squeezed a glob out). If you decide to get this product and want to wear it underneath your makeup, just use a little!

Ultra Repair Cream Intense Therapy

ulta repair

This stuff is the best for my dry and itchy skin (on my body). I sometimes get random rashes and itchy hot spots and this helps soothe them a lot. Now that it’s getting (somewhat) colder, I am will start using this on my face because I do get dry spots on my cheeks when it’s cold, but I don’t recommend wearing it under makeup. This fully gets absorbed into my skin and doesn’t leave a weird residue and I love it. It also doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. It’s very lightweight and it repairs and soothes my dry itchy hot spots on my body. I highly recommend it!

What are some of your favorite skin care products? I am almost out of the ultra repair cream and I will most likely buy it again, but I am looking for new recommendations for hydrating creams! Send you suggestions my way!

As always, thank you for reading! Be sure to follow and like if you enjoyed!

♥ Melissa

Wiping my tears with my eye remedy (which doesn’t remedy the tears)

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    1. Lash-Eyed Beauty

      I know it seriously sucked! But I’ll push through and move forward haha I just updated my post and put a gif in of me “crying” if you want a good laugh haha just refresh the post! Thanks for your condolences!


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