Happy Holidays Morphe 35O Giveaway! *Closed*

I’m excited to announce my second giveaway!!

Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and since everyone is talking about what they are thankful for, my giveaway is dedicated to all you guys! The community here is seriously so nice and I love how we all support each other to help our blogs grow! Thank you guys so much for following and supporting my blog, I appreciate it so much! I love talking with everyone on here and I feel like I’ve made new friends from everywhere in the world ♥

Based on the feedback I received on my first giveaway, my second giveaway will include again the Morphe 350 Palette!! I also am including an  Essie nailpolish (since I am obsessed with them) of your color choice, a Maybelline Color Elixir lipgloss, and a Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara! These have been a few of my favorite things this month and so I though I would share them with you guys!!


Alright so let’s go down to business:


1. You must be following my blog! (WordPress and/or email, both will get you more entries) I’ve changed my layout to make it easier to follow me.

If you want to follow me via email, just enter your email and then you will receive a confirmation email asking if you want to subscribe, just confirm and then you will be officially subscribed!!

****Please read*** If you are an email follower, please let me know in the comments! It’s hard for me to figure out who (for example and I’m making up this email) xcallmebae92x@gmail.com is when they leave a comment as Stacy! So please let me know so you get your fair chance at winning! Thanks

2. Comment on this blog post saying your favorite thing about the holidays!

3. For additional entries, you may reblog this up to 5 times or follow me on Instagram @lasheyedbeauty, or follow me on Twitter  @lasheyedbeauty (you still must be following my blog)

4. This giveaway is open to the U.S. and is INTERNATIONAL! Giveaway will be ending on December 25, 2015 and the winners will be chosen at random!

It’s Mr. Worldwide!



I think I forgot to mention that there will be TWO winners! Yes I got TWO sets of palettes which means TWO sets of everything! Yay! Two different people will win FYI!!

Thanks for entering everyone, I hope you have the best holiday time with your family and loved ones, and good luck!
♥ Melissa


267 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Morphe 35O Giveaway! *Closed*

  1. Emmybear411

    My absolute favorite thing about Christmas and the holidays is my amazing and awesome family tradition where we buy a bunch of new toys and stay up all night wrapping them up really nicely and we go together on Christmas morning and donate them all to kids who cannot afford Christmas presents<3!!! We believe that every single child deserves a gift on Christmas:) They deserve to smile and know that they are appreciated and loved!!! 😀 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tradition and am s excited for it every year<3!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this incredibly kind and generous giveaway <3!!!! thank you so much girl :)! You totally know the spirit of giving :)!!! Thank you so so sooooo very much and have the very best holiday season :)!!!! I follow you via email laluver101@gmail.com 🙂 Thank you so much again :D!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. my

    my favorite thing about christmas is when i get to video chat with my parents. i went to study abroad a few years ago and we rarely ever get to talk. even though i dont celebrate or do anything fancy for christmas, talking to my parents is the highlight of my holiday 🙂 thank you for having this giveaway and happy holidays!
    i subscribe lhmy98@yahoo.com.vn
    followed on twitter @escapologlst
    followed on instagram @methsoup


  3. Brittany Farmer

    My favorite thing about the holiday is everyone coming together from many states. I love reconnecting, it’s one thing to send text and phone calls, but it’s nothing like human connection. I love sitting around being surrounded by love and sharing laughs, tears, and good food. I love seeing the excitement on my loved one face when they receive a gift. I live the warmth of family. I love celebrating with love and being able to put all difference aside. I love simply feeling the love. This year we lost my aunt so tomorrow will be hard but I know we will process it and spread love and support.


  4. laika

    I follow you via email and on instagram (@sovietspacedogs). My favourite thing about the holidays is having quiet, peaceful time and not having to hurry anywhere. 🙂


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