My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Soooo…I’ve come to realize I have a problem.

I can’t stop buying Essie nail polishes! Not that that’s a bad thing, I mean things could be worse. I could be addicted to buying cheese graters or coffee mugs with cute, sassy sayings. Now that sounds like a real problem, what is anyone gonna do with 30 cheese graters? (Low key though, I almost did start to have an addiction to coffee mugs with cute, sassy sayings…see below)

I even bought a mug that said, “If Britney can survive 2007, you can survive today,” but I dropped it and it shattered and at $20 a mug, I needed a new addiction. P.S. it was ugly sweater day at work this yeah don’t judge.

I honestly don’t know what started this “hoarding” of mine. I mean, I’ve owned Essie nail polishes before, but it’s like, recently I just want all of them. I think in the last couple months I’ve purchased like, 8 new nail polishes from Essie. I guess it’s better than me buying 7 classic grilled chicken burritos from Del Taco. (or is it?) #trynastayhealthy #butthatinfernosaucethough

Out of all the nail polish brands out there, I absolutely LOVE Essie. They have a great selection of colors and their nail polishes are really opaque and they also last forever. And out of all the reputable brands, they are a little more affordable than others.

I thought I would share with you guys my “small” but growing Essie collection. Now I know there are girls out there who probably own WAY more Essie nailpolishes than I do, but I guess this is my way of acknowledging that I will soon become one of those girls. Statistics show that by late December 2015, I will purchase at least 10 more Essie nail polishes. (JK. I didn’t do any stats on this, I’m pretty much just saying it’s a given that I will buy 10 more)

Here’s what I have so far (and by doing this “inventory” of my nail polishes, I have come to find that I have two sets of the same nailpolish #impulseshopper)

set 1 berry naghty
From L-R: Come Here! Topless & Barefoot, and Berry Naughty
set 2 butler please
From L-R: Butler Please, Muchi Muchi, and Play Date
set 7 mod square
From L-R: Mod Square, Tart Deco, and Merino Cool
set 3 mamba
From L-R: Blossom Dandy, Tart Deco, and Mamba
set 6 sole mate
From L-R: Sole Mate, In the Cab-ana, and Comfy in Cashmere
set 5 mint candy apple
From L-R: Mint Candy Apple, E-Nuf is E-Nuf, and Light in the Night
set 8 leggy legend
From L-R: Leggy Legend, Eternal Optimist, and (sorry so ratchet looking) Strut your Stuff
set 9 a cut a bove
From L-R: Ladylike, A Cut Above, and Haute as Hello
set 10 muchi much biki
From L-R: Muchi Muchi, Bachelorette Bash, and Bikini so Teeny
set 4 cute as a button
From L-R: Cute as a Button, Gel Setter, and She’s Pampered

As most of us do, I tend to buy nail polish shades according to season and so lately I’ve been feeling very into the nudes and gray-toned colors, but I’m sure as December rolls around I will start snatching up red and gold toned shades to be more festive.

What are your favorite go-to nail polish brands and colors? Let me know! I need to start expanding more!

As always, thanks for reading! Please be sure to follow and like the post if you did!

♥ Melissa

P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by Essie, even though I wish it was.


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