Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara Review

Time for another mascara review!

I picked up this bad boy at CVS because out of all the drugstore mascaras, Revlon seems to be the least present in my collection so I thought, let’s give this one a go shall we?

The Ultimate All-in-One Mascara claims to give five lash transforming benefits: volume, length, definition, lift, and rich intense color.

revlon wand
Very short, almost undetectable bristles.

The brush has a mini oval shape and on the inside of the brush is actually a hollow core that is designed for mascara to be deposited in so that every lash gets coated.

No makeup!

So when I applied the first coat, I noticed the consistency was a happy medium between wet and dry. Also, I as soon as I put the wand to my lashes, I got a big ol’ gob of mascara right on my lash! I assumed it was from the “hollow core” of the wand, so I swept through it and it went away. Now, after inspecting my first coat, I noticed the mascara didn’t do much in terms of lengthening or volumizing or even separating. It was just kind of like, meh.



I let my mascara dry and decided to work on the rest of my face before putting on my second coat.


The second coat was a little better, the color was nice and black and my lashes looked thicker but my curl wasn’t holding up too well and my length just looked a little decent, nothing dramatic. I noticed how spiky the wand was and how it tried to coat every lash, but frankly it just didn’t really work out.

Still the second coat

I decided to go for one more coat and finish off my face for work.

wpid-20151028_091906.jpg wpid-20151028_091911.jpg wpid-20151028_092023.jpg

So after applying the third coat, my lashes were kind of getting to where I wanted them to. They were thicker and a little longer, but I wasn’t too in-love with the look. My lashes just looked okay, nothing spectacular.

I had to work this day (as I do like, everyday) and here are some picture of how the mascara wore:

This was at 3:30


This was at 5:45


This was at 7


By the end of the day, I asked a co-worker how my lashes looked (I work with mostly guys and I only had a guy available) and he said, “it looks like you don’t have any on.”

UGH. After all that work in the morning trying to make them look nice and then that’s the comment I get?! What does a guy know about mascara anyway, right ladies? Anyway, I just took that as this mascara is just a little more natural looking than others, which it really is. Even though several coats of mascara made my lashes look thicker, they were still kind of thin and my curl didn’t really hold up. There were no flakes, but I didn’t get many lengthening properties from it. Overall, this mascara was just okay. Average. It didn’t transform my lashes into anything better, it just “sat on top” of what I already had.

I will probably use this on my “I don’t feel like wearing a bunch of makeup, but I don’t want to look dead so I’m just gonna put on a little mascara so I look human” days.

So, I guess I’m still on the hunt for the one.

That’s all I have for this review! Please be sure to like and follow!

Thanks for reading!

♥ Melissa


11 thoughts on “Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara Review

  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    Have you tried Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay? I got a sample size as my birthday gift at Ulta and it’s amazing. The full size is a bit pricy but it makes a 1000 times difference. It gives my lashes volume and length. I will definitely be purchasing the full size once my sample runs out.

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