Beauty Blogger Award!

YAY! My girl, Elisabeth, nominated me for this award like, a month ago and I don’t know why I did’t do a post about it back then, but it’s here now! Thank you SO much Elisabeth for nominating me for this award! Please go check her blog out, she does tons of beauty subscription reviews and she sent me a panda lotion so she’s awesome, A+ in my book!

Here are the rules:

1. Tag the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions you were given.

3. Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.

4. Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Inform the blogger you chose that you nominated them.

Here are Elisabeth’s questions:

What is your favorite season?

Hands down, fall! I love the crisper weather and the baggier clothing so I can eat more and no one can tell 😉 #itsbulkingseason #winteriscoming. Thankfully today was like, the first day of fall here in SoCal, it was like 70 degrees and windy!

That fall weather doe
How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since August 2015 and I’m loving it so far!

What blog post are you most proud of (link it)?

Hmm, I guess the one I am most proud of would have to be this one. It’s not my most successful post, however, I feel like you guys got to see more of my personality and creative writing in it. It’s a true story!

Name 3 accomplishments you have made in your life.

I’m not the type of person who really shares accomplishments with others, I just don’t like talking about myself in that regard and I’ve always been uncomfortable being like, “I’ve done this and this and etc.” Not that there’s anything wrong with patting yourself on the back and being proud, but I’m just weird about that stuff. So a couple accomplishments for me would be graduating with my business degree and starting this blog! I’m a super private person so starting a blog was a big step! ♥

What is the worst beauty product you have ever used?

Man, I’ve used some pretty bad products but the most recent thing that comes to mind is the e.l.f. 3-in-1 mascara I reviewed. That was pretty bad I wanted to cry!

Who or what inspires you?

Hands down, my mother. The greatest most inspiring person I’ve ever known.

What is your go to hairstyle?

Haha I’m super basic, but a ponytail. I know, it’s so blah and boring, but I HATE hair in my face. I recently cut and colored my hair last month and it took people a few weeks to notice since I always wear it up!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

So this is gonna be random, but work related. My biggest pet peeve would have to be when people come into a store and immediately ask for a bathroom. Like I’ll say “hi” and they’ll be like, “WHERE’S THE BATHROOM?!” And I’ll say, “We don’t have one,” and then they flip out! “WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A BATHROOM?!” Um excuse me ma’am, cause we don’t sell food or drink and you should’ve gone before you came! I know you did not come into this communications store to use the restroom! Get it together, woman! #priorities

How often do you wear makeup each week?

I wear makeup 5 days out of the week, so pretty much when I work. I don’t like to wear makeup on my days off!

Me on my days off
Favorite social media platform?

Instagram! I like looking at pictures haha, I’m a simple person. I work with technology and it actually makes me more averse to social media cause I’m around it allllllll the time. I try my hardest to get into other forms of social media, but I want to pay attention to the things I’m doing now, instead of being interested in what other people are doing.

Here are my questions:

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  3. Favorite clothing store?
  4. Favorite thing about yourself?
  5. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  6. Cat person or dog person?
  7. What is your ideal job?
  8. Favorite movie?
  9. Favorite beauty product?
  10. Favorite mascara?

Here are the people I nominate:

  1. Olivia
  2. Erin
  3. Laura
  4. Roci
  5. Enid
  6. A
  7. Fashionably Meek
  8. Jenni
  9. Jacque
  10. Learning Beaut

Please go check these blogs out cause I know you will love them! Thanks for reading, I hope this gives you a little insight on who I am! Please like and subscribe and I will talk to you guys soon!
♥ Melissa


9 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Award!

  1. everythingnothin

    Aw thanks so much love for your kind words!! I totally understand taking awhile to do the award. We all get busy haha. It takes me awhile to get them done too. I am currently working on them too haha. Fall is my favorite season too!! I totally understand being private and not wanting to boast, but thanks for sharing a couple accomplishments. Graduating college is definitely a huge accomplishment!! I am glad you started your blog! OOO I hate when people do that too! That is very annoying! I am super basic with my hair too. I hate it in my face, especially at work. It is either in a messy bun or a ponytail haha. I loved reading your answers!!

    Liked by 2 people

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