L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara | Review + Demo

Well, what do you know? I bought another mascara. Surprise, surprise! The mascara that caught my attention this week was the L’Oreal Voluminous…

superstar gif

To be honest I only got this mascara cause of the name. I can’t say it with a straight face. I have to do the Molly Shannon SUPERSTAR!!!


The size of this mascara is huge! Like, really long. Like, if I decided to dress up like a wizard for Halloween, I would use this mascara as my wand to cast spells on people. It’s that big.

This mascara is double sided and comes with a primer and a mascara. The primer is supposed to give super-volume and help to give a smooth and even base to help maximize the effects of the mascara.

SS primer
Tapered brush
The mascara is fiber infused to help lift lashes.

SS mascara

Now, when it comes to these two-step process mascaras, I’ve always been averse towards them. I always felt like the primer part was gimmicky and didn’t really do much, but seeing as this was L’Oreals’ first primer and mascara system, I decided to take a chance on it.

So before I get into the pictures, I need to mention a little disclaimer. The day that I tried this mascara was not the best day for me. If you’re wondering in the picture below if I got punched in the eye or got into a fight, the answer is no. My dark circles were super apparent that day and my eyes were swollen (as you can see in my right eye, your left). My lip also had a minor cut on it from them being so dry. You know when you wake up feeling “blah” in the morning? Yeah that’s how I was this particular day.

No makeup
So when I first applied the primer, I didn’t know how many coats to do. It’s natural for me to just paint on a bunch of mascara until it feels right, but with this I kinda just went for one coat and then let it dry before I put on the mascara.

One coat of the primer. After a few minutes of letting it dry, it starts to turn clear.
One coat of the primer. After a few minutes of letting it dry, it starts to turn clear.
The first thing I noticed when I put on the mascara was how black they looked. I like my lashes as dark as my undereye circles (which is pretty dark).

First coat of mascara
First coat of mascara

The first coat went on nicely and made my lashes soft to the touch. I didn’t really notice extreme length, but I felt like my lashes had good volume. I decided to let the first coat dry and work on my face before applying the second coat. One thing I noticed with this mascara was that my lashes were super soft and like, pliable. I think it’s because of the primer and bristles of the mascara. I prefer rubber bristle brushes because during the process of sweeping mascara onto your lashes, the rubber brushes can do one sweep (not coat) and the entire lash will covered. But with non-rubber bristle brushes, I think one sweep doesn’t coat a full lash entirely. Like it’ll be thick on the base of the lash, but as you move the brush upwards towards the tip, there’s not enough product and too many bristles to cover your lash.

wpid-20150929_1140420.jpg wpid-20150929_114045.jpg wpid-20150929_114021.jpg

I LOVED the way my lashes looked after the second coat. They were really fluttery and dramatic and thick. I love the thickness this mascara gave me. Now, when I have those days where I don’t feel pretty and I feel “blah,” I tend to overcompensate on my makeup and this is the part where I did. I decided to do a third coat. Looking back at it, it was a bad idea cause I didn’t need it but I just felt so yuck about myself that day that I went a little overboard. I was just trying to make myself feel better with mascara. I swear, makeup is like therapy.

wpid-20150929_115352.jpg wpid-20150929_115647.jpg

So with that third application, my lashes started to look spidery. Instead of looking full and separated, some lashes kind of clumped together, but I didn’t think it looked terrible. I used a lash separating comb to help out. I decided to stop there before I went and got crazy with it.

I worked a 12:30-9 shift that day and wanted to show you guys how the mascara held up.

These photos were taken around 3 pm. I know the lighting isn’t great, but you can see how black and thick my lashes looked which is an A in my book.

Me and my brows

wpid-20150929_154601.jpgThis was taken around 6 pm.


And last but not least, this was taken at around 8:30-9 pm.


Overall, I would say the main benefit of this mascara is the thickness and richness of the color. There was no smudging and no flakes, which is always a plus. However, the curl was just okay it didn’t seem to hold up, and I don’t think it really did much for me regarding length. Also, what you couldn’t really see is that the base of my lashes were super thick, but throughout the day the thickness in the tips of my lashes kind of went away. This mascara gives a very black and dramatic look which I absolutely love, but I think this mascara is better for shorter lashes. The mascara will help the shorter lashes look really dramatic and even though the primer is for volume, I think it will help lengthen shorter lashes. I guess, two-step process mascaras just aren’t for me, or maybe I need to give it another chance when I don’t have a bad day.

Which mascara do you think looks best? What mascara should I try next?

L’Oreal Superstar

Maybelline Pushup Drama
Maybelline Pushup Drama
As always, thanks for reading! Be sure to like and follow if you enjoyed!
♥ Melissa


10 thoughts on “L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara | Review + Demo

  1. tlebrun1125

    Hahaha love your sense of humor. When I read superstar I thought the same thing! And I kinda want to pick this up now just because you said it’s like a wizard wand. Lol. Your lashes look amazing! Have you tried this again to see if you still feel the same?

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