Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Color Crazed Brush Set

I haven’t bought new brushes in a HOT minute. I’m talking a couple years. Ever since I discovered the beauty blender, the only time I really use brushes is for eye makeup and setting my face makeup.

I was super bored one day, so naturally I did what we all do, go to Target. Now I know I’ve been mentioning Target a lot lately, but I do honestly go there a few times a week. It’s like, having a bad day? Go to Target. Hungry for some ice cream? Go to Target. Having a good day? Go to Target. Then walk out $100 poorer and justify your bad money-spending decisions by telling yourself that, “well, I haven’t been spending that much money on fast food lately so I’m technically not spending more I’m spending the same.”

Yeah, that’s me everyday.

I saw these bad boys while walking past the makeup section and I immediately fell in love. What first got my attention was the color, I absolutely love the color. It’s like aqua blue-green color and I’ve never seen brushes that color before.

sonia brushes

This is the Sonia Kashuk LE Color Crazed 10 piece brush set. It has 1 domed powder brush, 1 flat blusher, and 1 synthetic buffing brush…


It also comes with 1 angled contour brush, 1 synthetic foundation brush, and 1 large eyeshadow brush


And lastly, 1 crease brush, 1 synthetic pointed concealer/lip brush, 1 bent eyeliner brush, and 1 lash & brow groomer

last brushes

I am most excited for the angled contour brush, it looks similar to the NARS Ita brush except for the angle. And it’s more price-friendly. The NARS brush is $60! Ain’t nobody got the budget for that! I’d rather go out to dinner.


These brushes are sooo soft! And they look sturdy so it doesn’t seem like they will be falling apart anytime soon. I am concerned about the color once I wash them, I don’t want the color to fade. I haven’t used these yet because I am kinda weird about using things I think are pretty. Like, I don’t want to use them cause I think it will take away the pretty. Once, my mom got me a 100 piece-gel pen set (I was in sixth grade) and I didn’t use them cause they were too pretty and I wanted to cherish them. I found them under my bed about five years ago and I had to throw them away. They were never used. I am going to force myself to use these brushes!

This set is $37.99, which I feel is kinda pricey for Target, but the packaging is what got me. It’s just so cute and I can’t get enough of the color! And I haven’t bought new brushes in awhile, so (once again, me justifying my Target purchase).

What are some of your favorite brushes I should try? I’ve only tried Eco-Tools and then these ones!

Thanks again for reading! Be sure to like and follow!
♥ Melissa

P.S. While at Target I purchased a new mascara: the L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar (double ended, comes with Step 1 primer and Step 2 mascara) I will be reviewing it soon!


21 thoughts on “Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Color Crazed Brush Set

  1. kreativityk

    I love brushes by Icing. They are so soft and very well priced. I also love Sonia Kashuk brushes. But what I’ve noticed is that my blush brushes and other face brushes always she’d all over my face. Do you have any issues with that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lash Eyed Beauty

      I just used these last night and yes the big blush brush did shed, but it only shed like two hairs so I wasn’t too annoyed, but I realized that they kinda smell bad! Like they smell like really bad plastic if that makes sense! Did you experience that?? I hope it goes away!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. a

    I do the same thing at Target, just walk around for no reason sometimes. I try and drag my hubby but he always gets impatient lol
    I adore the look of these brushes. I’ve never seen them at my local Target but I’m gonna keep an eye out (not that I need any more brushes…..)
    Thanks for another awesome review!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. everythingnothin

    Wow what gorgeous brushes love!! Great review and I totally love your pictures!! I def need to go pick up this brush set! A girl can never have too many brushes!! OOO and I totally send your panda lotion today!! I am so excited for you to get it! It should be there in 2-3 days!!

    Liked by 1 person

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