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e.l.f. was my boo-thang when I was in middle school and high school. Their selection was rather limited when they first came out, I think they only had about 10 items, but you can bet I owned them all. Now that I’m older and my budget is a little bigger, I don’t find myself really reaching for any e.l.f. products anymore. In fact, I didn’t have any e.l.f. products in my makeup collection until…

September 10, 2015. Approximately 7:30 pm. Location: Target.

While browsing the makeup aisles, I came across the e.l.f. section. Now obviously this isn’t a new section, but I never really actually paid attention to it when I would go Target previously. I noticed how much they have expanded their line and I was like, “wow e.l.f. has really stepped their game up”. I saw that they had 4 different types of mascaras and they were only $3 each! Can you say SCORE! I only decided to get 3 because I didn’t want to look too crazy at the checkout.

elf again

I got the Lash Extending Mascara, Mineral Infused Mascara, and the 3-in-1 Mascara

3-in-1 Mascara –  I have to say, I was most exited for this one. It looked like a high end mascara with the tapered tip with the little spiky ball on top. I had high hopes this would be the mascara of my dreams.


This mascara is EXTREMELY WET. It was so wet that when I was doing my first coat on my lashes, I would go over some of the lashes repeatedly and it was like, so wet that the brush would take OFF some of the product instead of putting it on my lashes. I was getting so frustrated and I finally realized that that’s what was happening so I let my mascara dry for a few minutes before I proceeded to do another coat.

First coat

I wouldn’t use the word clumpy, but it’s almost like most of the mascara got stuck on the base of my lashes and only some of it would go on the tips. There was no thickening of my lashes and as for length, I don’t thick they made them look any longer, my lashes just looked kind of average and not really full and not very dark.

elf3 4

elf 3


It took about 2 minutes for the first coat to dry so I started to apply the second, hoping for a better result. I noticed that the first coat made me look like I only had about 13 lashes so I though a second coat could really separate them. However, putting an extremely wet mascara on top of a somewhat dried one only helped me get more lashes that were stuck together. However, my lashes looked more noticeable and black and I almost want to say longer, but I think that’s cause they were more noticeable.

elf 2 elf22 elf23

You can see my lashes better this way

I still wasn’t extremely happy with my look so I decided to go for a third coat. The third coat gave me the noticeability I wanted and my lashes looked thicker, but it also made my lashes look tangled and still not full.

elf33 elf32 elf31elf35

I would definitely say pass on this mascara, I mean the end look is not that great and the effort it took into making it look like that was just too much. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THIS. And that little spiky ball did nothing but clump my outer lashes.

Lash Extending Mascara – This brush looks identical to Covergirl Clump Crusher. After my sad experience with the 3-in-1, I wasn’t too hopeful on this mascara but the fact that this brush is something I’ve seen/used before gave me a little more comfort.


For my first coat, you couldn’t even really tell I had mascara on! I will give credit that it does a fantastic job at separating lashes and making them look long. If you were going for a no-makeup makeup look, use this mascara. I am definitely going to keep this and use it as a finishing coat for my lashes to help separate any clumps I might have; my lashes looked fanned out. This mascara made my lashes look so natural and clump free, but didn’t give thickness or really any color.

Believe it or not, but this is my first coat:


For sure so much better


It was struggle city applying the mascara cause I was like, “am I even putting any on?!” My second coat pretty much turned out the same as the first, maybe a little more defined and darker. Either way, I liked how it how feathery my lashes looked.



Mineral Infused Mascara – This mascara was a happy medium. It combined the definition of the 3-in-1 with the length and separating properties of the lash separating mascara.


First coat, my lashes looked great, they were long and separated. I had more definition and I could twirl the brush from the base of my lash to the tips with no problem since the brush has one uniform shape. The mascara was a little wet but not so bad that I couldn’t work with it and I wish it gave a little more volume, but my lashes looked fluttery and I was definitely pleased!

mineral3 mineral4

For the second coat, my eyelashes did look thicker. They didn’t really stick together as I expected them to, I just wish the mascara was more black. I like my mascaras to be as black as my soul. I love a dramatic lash. My lashes still maintained their length and their curl. I was overall pleased with this mascara.

mineral8 mineral7 mineral5

All-in-all, my blast from the past wasn’t too bad. I mean you win some, you lose some; and 2 out of 3 isn’t failing. I don’t like going by the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” cause sometimes you get exceptions especially in the beauty world. I mean, $3 is such a good price!! I am definitely going to keep the Lash Extending mascara for a final touch when I need more separation, and the Mineral Infused one can be used to add a little moisture when I use a mascara that’s too dry. As for the the 3-in-1, I think I might let it dry out a bit and then revisit it. I always find a use for my mascaras even when I don’t like them. If you pop by your local Target, consider picking one of these up and see how you feel!


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If you have any requests for me to review any other mascaras please let me know! If you’re hesitant to buy it, I’ll try it!

Thank you so much for reading 🙂



14 thoughts on “e.l.f. Mascara | Reviews + Demos

  1. Nena

    You have such pretty lashes! And I love your photos, lol. Thanks for such a great review on these products. Finding the right mascara is no easy task. How was their staying power? I have trouble with mascaras flaking on to my under-eye area:/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lash Eyed Beauty

      Haha thanks girl! My eyelashes aren’t even really like super long it’s the curler that makes them look that way! And the only one I wore throughout the day was the mineral infused one it didn’t flake at all and my lashes felt soft it was pretty decent for $3!

      Liked by 1 person

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