Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara Review

I loooove me some mascara. I probably own around 20+ mascaras right now and I try to use them all cause I feel like I’m neglecting them if I don’t (is that weird?). Mascaras have feelings too, people!

I recently went to Target and while doing my obligatory browse of the makeup aisle I came across this bad boy:

Packaging is what caught my eye. Photo taken from
Packaging is what caught my eye. Photo taken from
Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. What a mouthful. At first glance I thought the packaging was…interesting. I don’t know if they were going for elegance or what, but it actually looks and feels kinda cheap once it’s in your hand. Nevertheless, it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it’s what’s on the inside the counts.

Bristles are all the same size
Bristles are all the same size
This mascara has a tiny bit of a drier consistency than most other mascaras, but it’s still kind of wet. It’s not as dry as Covergirl’s Clump Crusher and it’s not as wet as those Maybelline Great Lash mascaras (the green and pink tubes). My lashes respond well to a drier consistency and I personally prefer them because I think it does a great job of holding my lashes up and it’s easier to layer; wet mascara’s bog my lashes down.

I took some pictures throughout my morning and day at work so you guys can see how it applies. I am going to apologize now for my ratchetness in some of these pictures you will see. I’m just not super photogenic in the morning.

Here is yours truly with no makeup, no mascara on. I just have my lashes curled.

No makeup, no mascara. Just have my lashes curled

When I applied the first coat of mascara, I fell in love! My lashes looked long and almost wispy-like. My lashes were nicely separated and didn’t have any clumps. However, they didn’t look super thick, they looked pretty thin, but I was planning on applying a second coat anyway.

First coat! Ignore the mascara stains on my eyelid. I clean it off later
First coat! Ignore the mascara stains on my eyelid. I clean it off later


Now, for my second coat, I got a little eager and started to apply my second coat almost right away and that was an immediate regret. I did one swoop on my left and eye and I immediately stopped cause I saw clumps. I usually wait in-between mascara coats to allow my mascara to dry. This way you prevent clumping, lashes will hold their curl better, and they look thicker. I decided to work on my face while allowing the first coat to dry more and then did my second coat.

Starting to look like a real human being. Second coat!
Starting to look like a real human being. Second coat!

I made this face so you could see the lashes better? Haha
I made this face so you could see the lashes better? Haha

After letting my lashes dry, applying my second coat was much better. My lashes looked a little thicker and yet still maintained separation. There was a little clumping that I had to remove with an eyebrow tool, but it wasn’t too bad. I find that instead of just doing one continuous sweep of the mascara brush onto my lashes, it’s better to almost use a zig zag motion to help with coating all the lashes and separation. I decided to leave it at two coats cause three would be too much and too clumpy.

I wanted to show you guys how it wore during the day. I started getting ready for work at around 10:45 and my work shift was 12:30-9, so it was perfect for me to test out the wearing power of this mascara.

At around 3 pm, I was commissioned to go get food for a couple people, I took that as an opportunity to take some pictures in the car.


The mascara is holding up fine, but there were some flakes that fell onto my face. The mascara definitely didn’t look as fresh as in the morning and I feel like they somewhat lost their thickness, but it still looked nice. Also, when I touch my lashes they were soft and flexible, which I actually don’t prefer. I like them to have a little “hardness” to them (not brittle though).

I took some more pictures at around 8:55 pm. These pictures aren’t gonna be the best cause I couldn’t find any alone time to allow me to take pictures of myself. Coworkers kept coming in and out of the backroom and whenever I would take a picture one of my coworkers would magically appear and I had to act like I wasn’t taking pictures.

fullfrontright eyelefteye

By the end of the night there was a little more flaking and my lashes still didn’t look as thick as when I first applied it in the morning. The curl help up really well and the length was still on point.

I would recommend definitely letting this mascara completely dry between coats, use a lash separator or eyebrow comb to help with clumps, and don’t do more than 2 coats. I think I prefer one coat with this mascara if I am going for a more natural look. It leaves your lashes somewhat soft to the touch. The length this mascara gives is amazing and I loved that about it, I wish it made my lashes a little more thicker. I think this mascara is great for layering which is what I will use it for, definitely get this mascara it’s worth it!

What mascara should I review next? Please leave requests down below!

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Bonus: Me getting straight up caught takin pics of myself. I had to nonchalantly look like I was doing something and my finger on my chin is what I came up with?! Really?! I’m such a rookie, but #doitfortheblog



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