Morphe Brushes 35W Warm Palette ♥

Morphe Brushes is having the year of their lives because of the Jaclyn Hill palette. They recently came out with a 35O palette and as soon as she mentioned it on her Instagram and Snapchat, it sold out! I couldn’t get my hands on the coveted 35O palette even when it was restocked! They said they will be restocking again so you best believe I’m gonna set a timer and get my hands on that palette! So while I’m waiting, I settled for the 35W Warm Palette since I love warm shadows and it was on sale for $19.99!!!! WHATTTT

Morphe 35W whole
35W Palette

So when I opened up my palette out of the box, there was black shimmery shadow all over the palette (and my hands) and when I opened up my palette I noticed of the bottom right black shadows was broken. I blame this on UPS not on Morphe. I grabbed a tissue, wiped my tears, and took pictures anyway because #doitfortheblog

Closer look
Closer look, some of the broken black shadow got into the other colors 😦

Some swatches of colors:


So pretty!
So pretty!

This palette has a great combination of matte, shimmer, and metallic shadows. All of these colors are PERFECT for fall!

Here’s a close up of the shadows:


Once again, don't mind the black shadow
Once again, don’t mind the black shadow

swatch3 swath=ch4swath=ch4

So far this palette is amazing, the colors are so pigmented and creamy, I can’t wait to start creating fall looks with this palette! You can order the palette here at Morphe Brushes and it’s only $19.99. Plus if you use Jaclyn Hill’s code JACATTACK you can save a little to help pay for shipping; it’s a great deal and I highly recommend checking out Morphe if you’re looking for high-quality but price-friendly beauty buys!

Let me know if you guys would like any look requests with this palette! What do you guys think of Morphe and what palette should I try out next??

Thanks for reading!



Check out the look I did with this palette here!


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