Confessions of a Lash-o-holic: I Curl My Eyelashes After Mascara

I bet the title of this post made some of you cringe. I know curling your lashes after mascara is advised against in the beauty community, but I just can’t help it. I love the look it gives my eyes and how extra long they look. I’m a girl addicted and I don’t think I can stop anytime soon.

I have seen some nightmare horror stories about how girls curled their lashes after mascara and the lashes got cut in half or pulled out completely and literally makes me cringe and makes my eyelashes actually hurt.

Worst nightmare. Picture taken from
Worst nightmare. Picture taken from
Taken from
Ouch. Taken from

I have been fortunate enough to not pull out a ton of lashes or experience crazy fall-out and it seems that it helps that I clean my curler after every use. No matter what. I will take a wipe and ensure there is no mascara or eyeliner residue on my curler. I also ensure that my mascara is COMPLETELY DRY on my lashes before curling them once more. I saw a post on r/mua and it showed a girl holding her lash curler and her caption was how she pulled out her eyelashes and her curler was covered in old dried up mascara. Dried mascara has a tacky feel to it and would just make your lashes stick to the curler, which results in them being pulled out. I also think that replacing your eyelash curler bands will help prevent them from pulling/cutting your eyelashes. Now I’m not saying I haven’t experienced a few lashes fall out from time to time but it hasn’t been to that nightmare extent. I have tried curling my lashes after mascara with a spoon and it just didn’t give me that straight-up eyelash effect that I like.

What I use to help strengthen my lashes (since curling them can bring long-term damage) is the Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. I put it on at night and wash it off in the morning and over the course of a month or so I noticed less fall-out. I didn’t really notice my lashes grow longer but they were definitely stronger and maybe even a little thicker. I didn’t use this product underneath my mascara because that has never really worked out for me (remember those Maybelline XXL mascaras?), but this serum has great reviews for using it as a primer under mascara.

Now, prior to this serum I have never owned anything Dior in my life and I don’t buy Dior products on regular (I have tried one of their mascaras but returned it). We all have some feature on our face that we invest in because we either like that feature so much we want to play it up, or we dislike that feature so we spend money to correct/minimize it. To me, my eyes are my favorite feature and so I make room in my budget to purchase this serum. So far I have only bought 2 and it has been about 6 months (I only use it a couple times a week and I only put on one coat.)

I have read great reviews on the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum and I plan to purchase that next to see how it compares, but I just can’t find it at my local drugstore. The hunt is on! I know that my look and methods aren’t everyone’s favorite and I’m definitely not advocating curling your lashes after mascara, but I just don’t think I can stop anytime soon! I did see a post by another blogger, Karina Noa, on a heated eyelash curler and maybe I will try that!

Do you guys agree with not curling after mascara or have you experienced/heard any horror stories?? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lash-o-holic: I Curl My Eyelashes After Mascara

    1. Lash Eyed Beauty

      Right!? It’s like, I can’t help it I HAVE to curl after mascara. If I don’t it’s almost like I have that one disease where you have to touch stuff more than one time and if it doesn’t go right you have to start over (OCD?) I’ll try to not curl and walk out my room and then 5 seconds later I’m like I gotta do it! I love the look it gives! This post didn’t get much love so I was like dang, people must really not like curling after mascara but I’m so glad you do!

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      1. Lash Eyed Beauty

        Literally would cry or not go out in public for months until my lashes grew back. Wouldn’t even resort to the fake strip lashes cause they would be so obvious! Sad this is I used to pull out my lashes in high school! But not to a crazy extent!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. vetsi21

    I do the same thing! But you have to wait until it dries. Omg i would die if my eyelashes got pulled out! I dont have alot of lashes to begin with and they would be straight if i didnt curl them. what works for me is tarte gifted mascara and curling my lashes with a shu uemera eyelash curler.

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