My Current Everyday Makeup Favorites

I love to buy new makeup just so I can get my hands on that new-new, even if I don’t need it! I just scan the makeup aisles and counters and I’m like a kid in a candy store. I’ll go into the store with one thing in mind and then it’s like, “Oooh, shiny!” and I’m off to the land of mascara. Hundreds of dollars later, it’s like, what happened back there? Did I black out? Where did all this stuff come from? I’m sure most of you can relate.

When I do sort out my favorites are, those babies have a special place in my heart. Once I’ve found a favorite, I tend to keep it for a looong time. So today I thought I would share with you what I’m loving currently for my everyday makeup routine!

  • Smashbox – Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer
    My favorite primer for oily skin. Photo taken from
    My favorite primer for oily skin. Photo taken from

    This primer isn’t marketed as a mattifying primer, but it definitely works like one. It’s very lightweight and and it helps keep my foundation look fresh all day.  I have very oily skin and when I do a blot test, I barely see any oil. This primer also helps smooth out the texture of my skin; making it look silky and touchable. I like to put this on after freshly moisturized skin and I pat it into my skin and let it settle for a few minuted before putting on foundation. This helps my skin absorb the primer instead of it just sitting on top of my skin. I never really believed in using primers until I received this one!

  • L’Oreal – Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation
    Image taken from
    Image taken from

    This foundation gives me life. I actually consider it to be a dupe for Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation (which also gave me life. Expensive life, I might add.) This foundation actually blends into your skin, giving the impression of second skin. It helps me stay matte (with the help of my primer) but even though this foundation is in the pro-matte line, it has a demi-matte finish–in-between matte and luminous which I prefer because I find full matte finish can make me look dull. I can work a 9 hour day at work and my face looks like I just put foundation on. This foundation is medium-to-buildable coverage and I think it works best with a damp beauty blender.

  • It Cosmetics – Eyelift in a Tube
    Picture taken from
    Picture taken from

    I saw that Nina Dobrev uses Eyelift in a Tube, so I bought Eyelift in a Tube (and army pants and flip-flops). For a tube concealer, it’s thicker than most and that’s what I love about it. I need heavy duty coverage with brightening properties and this concealer has two sides– one to conceal and one to brighten. How perfect is that? Since it is thicker, a little definitely goes a long way. It doesn’t crease, feels very hydrating under my eyes (has vitamin A, C, and E) and lasts all day. I definitely look more awake and brighter with this concealer!

  • Tarte – Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation Powder
    Image taken from
    Image taken from

    Although this is meant to be used on its own, I love pairing it with my foundation to set it. I find that this gives my face the final touch. Once I put this on as a finishing powder, I know my oily skin is locked down and ready to go. It’s light coverage so I don’t have to worry about having cakey looking makeup. This powder foundation holds up well in heat and lasts all day. I almost feel like improves the quality of your skin. It gives me a flawless matte complexion and blends like a dream. A definite must try to either set your foundation or wear on its own.

  • MAC – Sheertone Blush in Pinch Me
    Image taken from
    Image taken from

    I love MAC blushes and Pinch Me is my favorite shade. It is a dark rose color with a hint of coral. I think this looks best on olive-to-tanned skin complexions. It gives me a natural flushed look and is perfect for summer.

  • Maybelline – Lash Sensational Mascara (paired with others but this is my #1)
    picture taken from
    picture taken from

    This mascara catches every one of my lashes and lengthens them toward the sky. I love the curved brush, it helps me get to the base of my lashes by matching my eye shape. It also makes my lashes look fanned out and gives them great volume without looking super clumpy. I use the short side of the wand to coat my lashes and then roll the wand up towards the long bristles to separate them giving me a falsies-type look! I use about 2 coats for day-time and i pair it with a waterproof mascara on top. I definitely suggest trying this mascara out especially since it’s a great price and easily available.

  • Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown

    image taken from
    image taken from

Winged liner all day-err day (unless I’m at work haha). This liner stays on ALL DAY, it does not budge. The felt tip liner makes application super easy breezy and from what I’ve noticed, this liner doesn’t plan on drying out anytime soon. I wish they made more colors! It is very pigmented and dries fast on the skin so it never smudges!

Do any of you guys use these as your everyday favorites, if not what are your current favorites/recommendations??

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “My Current Everyday Makeup Favorites

  1. hippylip

    I love reading “favorites” plus I get excited when I already own some of them. I really want to try the L’Oreal Pro Matte foundation!! I keep reading good things about it. Enjoyed your post!!

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